Nacho Libre

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Went to see “Nacho Libre”, the new Jack Black movie last night. It was quite good. Dunno quite what to say about it. It was quite amusing but only obtained 2/3 good belly laughs the rest was just a load of amusing anecdotal stuff. Jack Black executed his character very well and really did bring to life small town Mexico but the whole thing just was not as funny as I was expecting. If I was to compare it to another movie I’d say its like Napoleon Dynamite. That movie was funny but warranted few belly laughs and left me a lil perplexed but the characters were all very identifiable. On that note I give you the best scene from Napoleon Dynamite:


On another note – Was having probs with my main machine yesterday. I think its finally packing it in after the abuse its been given over the past 6 months. Time to rebuild it.

HangoverHangover 127

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We partied till the wee hours! – Actually the party was a bit lame. A ton of people never turned up. Of the people that did, one of them I detest! He’s a bit of a t****r and always takes things too far. There was a fight between him and someone who shall remain nameless but – I was not happy that he turned up nor that pissed said person off so much to induce a fight! The party was ok but after that it went a**e over tit really!

The dressing up as ladies was rather amusing but the bra was too much for me and i was the first to break and change into man clothes again.


Sunday was Ace!. My sis Sandra and her 2 oldest kids came down from Glasgow so we had some nice family time – Photos will follow soon! I am still hungover!!


Finally made the Thunder trailer live today click HERE to watch it.

Section 8

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So it was quite a long busy day today. Had to face the Tube again to get down to Ministry of Sound. The job they had for me to day was coverage of the Section 8 Night last week. Was a good simple enough edit and they were as always very happy. At least I assume they’re always happy, why else do they keep asking me to come back??. There is one thing though that’s a lil off with Ministry. Although they are always impressed with my work I am not. I know it can be better. This is not the usual artistic gripe of never being completely happy. I know it could be alot better. It’s always down to time. If they allowed 2 days rather than one, all the videos would be sooooo much better.

Jimmer made me realise that because of selling the bike I am missing out on “The Real Ale Wobble”!!! A weekend of bikes and beer! – DOH! Jimmer and I were gonna go down there and meet Cyclist Rich and twinklydave but – no ride no point never mind the fact that it’s be a spensive weekend.

Yawn – I have sleepyness noe – I go sleepyfy myself.


That’s what weekends are for…

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I feel soooo hung-over it aint funny!! – Had a wicked night down in Kingston with Jimmer. Veri was there and Le Frog even came down which was excellent. A lot of alcohol was consumed and then a greasy burger night. oh yes but now i do suffer. I made a wee vid of the night from the stuff i got on my wee camera: WARNING – LOYS OF SWEARING


I may be going crazy

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I feel like I am going out of my mind. Today was another loooooong day working on the stuff for Another Tongue and its so painful to work on. With that and the worry of work and the lack of cash and the lack of woman I am going mental. Feeling very frustrated. To top it off – this eve I was soooo bored. No where to go nowt to do so to stifle this I picked up the camera and started playing and I produced a video.BZ3388exoO8

This video quite accurately sums up how i feel at this time in life!!!


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to go along with the new video section – I’ve redone the Video section and got rid of the TV design and just have the vids on the page raw. The New Video is the one called “Super Macro”.