The Lost and The Damned?

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I’ve been a massive fan of the GTA series of games. When GTA4 came out i absolutely loved it. I bought my XBOX 360 mainly for that game. I just recently got a hard-drive for the xbox as a birthday gift (thanks to those who did so) and I the bought the new installment of GTA4 – “The Lost and the Damned”

I’ve been really disappointed.

As a christian i am finding the violence and attitudes to grind off everything i believe in now to the point that i am not really enjoying it anymore.

Don’t get me wrong – i am no prude! I can cope with violence and strong language no problem but it feels like i’m stepping over a line when i am playing a character that is actively behaving in such a vicious manner and thus making decisions – albeit in a “virtual” environment myself.

I love this game for its graphics, game-play and diversity but i’m staring to dislike it for its violence, swearing, and lewd conduct. Some might say i’m being a wuss and that “it’s only a game”. Yeah it is only a game but i’m realising that after each time i play it i don’t feel relaxed…. i feel stressed. That says a lot.

The Lost and the Damned – upped the ante. It’s trying to out-do itself which it does very well. The worst thing about all this is that i completed the story mode in a fraction of the time it took to complete the original story mode which i thought was kinda pathetic really.

Anyway – i think i may have just given up on it.

The Car – Before & After

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This is the Before shot


This is the After shot


The garage did a really great job. I was very glad to get our car back and to be rid of the “bone shaker“. It did make me realise how heavy a clutch our car has. I know its a 2ltr turbo diesel engine compared to a 1.1ltr petrol but the diff was incredible.

But the winning factor is the GRUNT that our car has over the other! She wins hands down!

We’re off for a week

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Walk this way

WOOOHOOOO – Wifey and I are off now for a week in Ireland. Ruth will get to learn and see where i grew up where i grazed my knee first, where i used to wander as a lad and so on. I’m really very excited.

AS a bonus we also get to se Mom and Dad. We wont necessarily be hanging out with them loads – this is afterall our holiday but it will be nice to see them getting settled in.

No technology for a week though – this will be the biggest challenge!


Holiday snaps yo

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Great Weekend

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Sunday: I went for my first ride on Sarah since before I got married. It was sheer bliss but shocking aso how out of practice i am. I cold’nt get any good lines. I was stiff over the roots and rocks, I was exhasted and felt like i was gonna keel over after the first 5 mins. But it was GREAT! Ruth and I discussed our timing on these things and agreed that Sunday morings were the best time for me to ride.

I went down my old local loop to the Canal and te greenford estate BMX track which was in even more disrepair than ever.  Quite sad really. I couldn’t  ride a full set due to the amout of broken glass and the remnants of fires. Never mind the state of my fitness.

I still enjoyed it and got some un which was ace.




On Monday we went down to Henley and chilled out for the day with my folks. we had some lunch then went for a walk with them where Dad took me “in search of adventure”. This mean trespassing!

I love my Dad for these stunts he pulls. I think Ruth really finally reailsed where i get my crazy ideas from. He showed methis great old chapel and the groundsof a certain private property.






It was ace.

work – floor – slamming

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Work – This week has been intense! On [intlink id=”1444″ type=”post”]Paddy’s day[/intlink] I had BAA in to review an edit. The job in question had started out quite sternly as my bosses were originally managing it but now the job is mine and it’s all going smoothly. I think the client was pleasantly surprised to see how far along it is and that my suggestions on editorial changes made sense. There’s stll alot to do but it’s all good and its progressing well.

On Wed morning I had a meeting with some people at BTP (i know you are prolly wondering who they are but i am not sure if i should be stating more than the abbreviated names for confidentiality reasons). They asked us to come in for a briefing meeting and i was the lucky one to go give them our pitch which they seemed to have loved so far. Looks like next week will be another silly busy weel as a result. I then had to jump on a train to go back to Hemel to continue the finishing touches to a job we were doing for Vanderlande. The plan for the eve was to get a train back to london and tube it back to acton but i was worried about having to work really late and so i asked wifey if she’d be up for picking me up from Hemel. She was very very brave and did her first solo motorway drive and i was very proud of her. When she arrived we got a kebab and i finished up what i could then we left the office at 11:00pm.I could have just taken the camera car home but because i had the car booked in for a service in the morning i needed ruth to collect me so i could drive our car to hemel in the morning.

Friday morning had me up at 6:20am in order to get to the office to receive any later given comments from the client. At about 8:30 i went to drop the car off to the garage. When i got there they had no record of my booking!!! grrrrr! So the whole rigmarole of the previous night ended up being un-needed but it was good for Ruth to do it. The plan for the rest of this day was to upload the final versions of the programme to the web for the client and go home early. I didn’t leave till about 6pm and when i left i left the mac on uploading a couple of files and i brought home the macbook in order to upload some others from here. We did have a nice eve though. We had Dan and Suzie over for dinner. We had a really nice eve with them and ate CHILLI MMMMMM 17288

floor – Yesterday ruth and i went down to Henley with my folks. The plan was that my dad and I were going to put down the flooring for their caravan’s awning. (Rough muddy ground) + (odd bits of wood) – (appropriate tools) = a fun afternoon with my dad! It was actually all right. We had a good time doing it and we worked well together but it was knackering. I was glad to come home

slamming – We came home and i watched Ireland win the GRAND SLAM. That really was a great game of rugby. While wales were the favourites it was great to see Ireland finally pull it together for a victorious finale. Rock on IRELAND!

Paddys Day Woot

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And here is another Paddy’s day yet again. I have stuff on tonight which means celebrating today wont exactly be hugely fruitful. We may be going over to see my folks later this eve but we will see. The last few years have been difficult a i haven’t had the urge to celebrate it as much. It’s hard t celebrate your countries patron saint when you live in a different country…unless you live in New York.

As a christian its interesting looking at today. Christianity swarmed the globe when it started to spread. Ireland was a pagan country ruled by various different kingsman ships. The gods of that time were all about “do this & that or else!”. It’s sad to see that Christianity and Catholicism, especially in an Irish context have been twisted over the century’s to hold a similar stance in some points.

When St Pat returned to Ireland as a Bishop it was to spread the word of God because the message was and still is an amazing message of truth, freedom and love. It wasn’t a mission of oppression and taking over. It really is so sad that so many just don’t get it and have misunderstood it so much.

I’ve been reading DUBLIN by Edward Rutherfurd which hasbeen great. Its not supposed to be a fully  accurate historical account but the basics are there and its been a great read so far. Its making me remember my heritage and history. While the writing is ok, I wouldnt read another of his books in a hurry, i’m in it for the content.

This was my entry backin 2006 on Paddys day.

Have some random images from flickr related to St Pat.

St. PatrickSt.Patrick´s statue in some irish gardenColumns2008 Manhattan, Illinois Irish FestChinese Marching BandParadeTruckSt. Patrick´s day pepperoni pizzacrossTemple BarGuinness MascotHappy St. Patrick´s Day!Shamrock2008 Manhattan, Illinois Irish FestIrish WolfhoundGo Irish! Go Green!budweiser clydesdalesDia de San PatricioSkating, St Margaret´s Loch

1 down 60 to go…i hope

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That is 1 year of marriage.

Yesterday was our first anniversary.  Wow that’s another year that has flown by.  Having an anniversary as well is like having another benchmark for time. I usually have a good think about the past year on my birthday. I look at what i have achieved and what i have not. I think about what i wanna do better and what i did really well. Now i have anniversaries where i’m inclined to do the same thing.


So how’s it been? ………. AMAZING!

Being married is one of the best things. I cant believe people out there who things its bad. Ok fair enough we have on,ly been married a year but we have still had our trials and tribulations during that time and we have learnt alot about each other and about being married.

I have loved being married cause my wifey is the most amazing woman i have ever met. I love her dearly. I do really hope to have at least another 60 of these celebrations.

What did we do? Well on Sat we went to Oxford for the day. We went to a castle and wondered then went to dinner in the eve. it was really wonderful.

The cross in the road is “the cross in broad street” in Oxford town center.Between 1555 & 1556 three protestant bishops were burnt at the stake because they refused to become catholic. This is not a bash at catholicism. What is remarkable is that these men stood up for their faith and beliefs so strongly and wit such integrity that it cost them their lives. – That is amazing. It blows my mind.

Still Owowowowowow

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I woke up this morning  – correction,  decided i wasn’t going to get any serious sleep – an realised that through the night a col had developed and my neck had not righted itself. So I still have a dodgy neck and am unable to look left without searing agony shooting through my neck, back and arm! Woo Yay Me!

I went out to the bog, came bck in and Ruth placed a card on my pillow!

Happy Valentines day!

Oh dear!

It’s not that i completely forgot – its just that yesterday i was  overwhelmed by pain which made me not remember. So i told Ruth I needed to do something – I needed to make us a cup of tea. I then also warned her that this tea might take quite a while. I threw on some clothes – and legged it out. I got the works – Flowers, wine chocolate and as always a most perfectly appropriate card. When I got back I aapologize for the fact that the kettle was taking so long – this was about 45mins after iu jad left her in bed. I also had to explain that it as exceptionally col in the kitchen which was why i was wering my hat, clothes, gloves and jacket.

She was delighted even if it was a last minute effort. – Man I love this woman so much!


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This is our new car. Its a Peugeot 306 2.0 HDi. We picked it up last night and we are both very very happy. While i will be sad to see the MX5 go I am equally happy to have our very own car. Surprisingly this car does shift. Maybe part of this is down to the fact that the MX5 has been a dog to drive and i was expecting a diesel to be sluggish.

We bought it from a dealer in Welwyn Garden City called K-Cars. A very typcal type of place but the guy was nice enough and didnt talk too much bull nd the price was right.

How we founditwas amusing too. It has been hard graft trying t find something. in our remit : 5door hatch diesel under 4k under 8 years old. We had a list of cars to see that we go from Autotrader. We were all over the place from Amersham to Wembley. We actually went to Welwyn to see a Pug 307 but that was a bit rubbish. It was quite late in the day at this point and we had only test driven one other car which was a focus (it was very dull to drive). Next to the 307 dealer was another garage but they were all over our price range.

Ruth turned to me andsuggested we pray and I agreed. At that split second ruth saw a sign for anoter garage down the road. So we went down there and hidden round the corner was this place K-Cars. Out the front was parked our gleaming 306. I wanted! We took it for a test drive and even Ruth drove it. I checked it over and nothing seemed out of place.

The following day after checking insurance we phoned and put a deposit down. He said it might be a few days tp get it taxed and MOT’s but y’day at lunch he rang and said it was ready so Ruth left work early came to Hemel then we drove over and got it. Ruth then, amazingly bravley, drove all the way back to Acton following me in the MX5.

We are happy. She drives great looks good and didn’t cost the earth!