More Changes

So I launched WordPress multisite y’day and its been interesting!

There have been quite a few weird things going on but i reckon i’ll be able to fix them

One of the big things is the file structure. It’s made me realise that i may need to rejig the whole site and reorganise the lot. This is always a pain as it usually means all the media gets unlinked and the site falls over If i can avoid that then i’ll be happy.

I do wonder though how easy it would be to export the multisite sites from one WP istallation to another server. If i wanted to move a blog for instance.


The Tweaks

So i made some tweaks to this current theme.

It was all getting a bit too messy with all the twitter related posts so i thought i’d sort it our and I made the decision to remove any twitter posts from the main pages. At the moment they can only be viewed on my twitter page but they are still being posted to the site. I’ll address being able to access them separately on another day i think.

In doing all this i did want to be able to still use the sidebar for tweets but the plugin I use for twitter integration (twitter tools) doesn’t give enough control for being able to sort it so I decided do it manually just to see if i could and thanks to some code from WPRecipies i’ve been able to make it work.

Here’s a list of the main tweaks:

  • Widened entire theme by 100px
  • Widened sidebar by 100px
  • Created “Latest Tweet” module at top of sidebar
  • Gotten rid of global image borders in favour of content section only borders – was making the “my linkage” thumbs look messy.
  • Cleared global link underlining in favour of text only underlining for links which prevents images from having the annoying underlined but (still exists for hover).
  • Changed some of the “My Linkage” thumbs.
  • Sorted the page navigation for archived posts at bottom of page.
  • Tidied the footer text.

To see the main differences see the two images below:

The Old:

The New:

So far I’m happy with the results but i suspect more tweaking will follow.

Soon I’ll be tackling the Tandem website again but i have this theme in mind which, when i’m done, should look awesome.

Re-Design and WordPress 3.0

I’m realising that with all the twitter activity that is resulting from my new phone  i think i will be needing to tweak the design on this site again. I dunno if that means it will only be a tweak or if it will be something bigger. The fact that WordPressV3.0 is soon to be released suggests it may be better to wait to see what things that will make easier.

I kind of like the idea of using the new Theme structure to start from scratch and create a really cleane theme. This one here is an utter mess at the back end but it function – just about.

GeekOut over!