OakTree Mockups

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Over lunch the past week or so I’ve been working on some new concepts for the OakTree website. They are still very rough but I’m liking them lots. I’m really wanting to push a scalable changing background image.

What do you think?

750 FPS Test

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[vimeo width=”590″ height=”246″][/vimeo]

I’m doing a film for work and I was thinking of doing some of the GV’s in super slo-mo.

After seeing Oton Bačar’s amazing BMX Super slomo 1000fps & 2000 fps videos, where he converted the footage using After Effects and Twixtor ( I really wanted to see if I could find a workflow to suit the facilities I have.

I currently use an unhackable Panasonic GF1 so I cant shoot at 59.94fps. I’m stuck with AVCHD lite shooting at 25fps standard. I also don’t have access or budget to get After Effects or Twixtor but I do have Final Cut Studio.

I then saw Crumplepop’s video tutorial on how to do something similar using Apple Motion by converting footage shot with a Canon 60D from 59.94fps to 1000fps. (

Using the same process but adjusting the figures a bit I managed to create this video.

I think with a bit of further testing and adjusting I could get much better results but for a first draft it’s not too shabby.

Final Cut Express and AVCHD lite

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So I was having trouble getting FInal Cut Express to read the files form my GF1 camera. It would seem that its not a native format for Final Cut Express howevere iMovie can read the stuff no probs.

So the solution is to copy the codecs from iMovie to FCE.

This is an extract from a thread on creativecow and the actual post is by Mirco Tripoczky

I did some research and testing.. and also came accross this thread and I got a (I think) cool solution to import AVCHD Lite directly into Final Cut Express without going through iMovie.

Since Final Cut Express doesn’t like AVCHD Lite, you have to tell Final Cut Express to like it.

1. Open the Final Cut package by right clicking the icon and choose show content. At Contents/Plugins you find a folder called: “AVCHD.RADPlug”. Make a backup of that folder.

2. Now Open the package by right clicking the icon and choose show content. At Contents/RADPlugins you find a folder called: “AVCHD.RADPlug”. Copy that folder to where you found the folder with the same name inside the Final Cut package.

Start Final Cut Express, use Log and Transfer and easily import AVCHD Lite clips to Final Cut Express.

That’s maybe a workaround.. and you do this on your own risk, for me it worked perfectly with the AVCHD Lite clips of my Panasonic TZ7.

Transform Yourselves Promo Videos

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These two videos are the most recent video pieces I’ve done for work. They are promo pieces for Tearfund’s “Transform Yourselves” trips. These trips allow you to tailor an overseas group trip to your needs. One of the unique points is that itr enables people to take under 18’s which a lot of organisations prefer to steer clear of due to the extra complications.

I especially like that these trips are not just about a bunch  Europeans going put to “help” poor people in a “hit and run” way. Every trip is with a well established partner so we know that the projects are sustainable and that the idea od the project will be to empower whatever village is being visited to help themselves.

The more i hear about these trips the more i want to go on one.

Journey Conference

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During my second week here at Tearfund i went on our Journey conference.

This is Tearfund’s Student conference although its open for non students also. In fact anyone can come. It was a really great week and it completely washed out by brain. It was a full on immersion in to what it is that this great team I’ve joined actually does.

So here’s a wee gallery of stuff from it.

Pulled apart at the seams by my new job…

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343/365 - i dont know.

If you’ve been following my statuses over the past couple of weeks you will have seen that my head has been all over the shop. In any new job this is to be expected but I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon and to the degree that it has.

My first few days here at Tearfund were overshadowed by a common theme; INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Going from a small production company to a big company like Tearfund has been a little overwhelming. There are soooo many abbreviations, processes, systems and people!!! Yeah People! I’m not used to this many people around me! This is not a bad thing though! It’s great because everyone is so lovely and friendly ALL the time. It makes this such a lovely place to work.

Last week we went on our “Journey” conference which was brilliant. This was total immersion into what the team I’ve joined does. It was full-on and I was challenged in so much: My attitude towards poverty, the poor, the government, politicians, my faith, my actions, the world and my life in general – just the small stuff!

So far this job has been amazing. It’s not been too difficult and it’s not been easy but I’ve loved all the ways in which I have been challenged. I love the fact that it challenges me so much that it is shaking me off my comfy foundations and making me look at the world and everyone in it with fresh eyes.

Probably the biggest challenge is the idea that life will never be the same. Living a compassion filled life HURTS and it wont stop hurting cause when it does it means that my effectiveness may come in to question. You may read this thinking it’s full on but i write all this with a huge smile on my face. It’s a GOOD hurt and its a GOOD challenge. It’s a good way to live my life….

It has been full on and i am tired – All this has left me feeling like this:

Silly (still pregnant) Mindy

First Video in New Job Done!

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I’m really happy with this piece. It’s the first vid I’ve done in a while that is 100% my work. Most things i’ve done in the past have been done using Camera men and sound guys but this is all me.

Shot on a small Sony HDV A1e and cut in Final Cut Express.

The film is about the experiences of people who have gone on Tearfund’s “Transform” Mission trips  and will be used as a promo piece to encourage people to go on them next year.

Hope you enjoy!


Farewell Tandem Creative…

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So I wrote this email to Terry & Barbara to thank them for my time at Tandem and i decided I’d also send it to the rest of the team. I also thought it’d be a great blog post so here you go:

Thank you so much for the lovely email. Sorry I’ve left it till now to respond. As you can imagine, it’s a bit hectic here at the office with all the handover stuff. There has been loads to do but we’re on top of it all.

Thank you also for your kind words. It really means a lot. It has been a tremendous pleasure working at Tandem.. This new job is very much a step in trusting in God and hopefully doing more stuff to bring people in to the Kingdom which I’m really excited about.

I’d really like to say Thank you to you and Barbara. You have been so generous to me with all the pay rises and with your payers.  I am sad to be leaving such a great company and team. I have really really REALLY enjoyed my time at Tandem.Some of the things i have done while I’ve been here:

    • I’ve met some beautiful people (including yourselves),
    • I’ve met some amazing people (including yourselves),
    • I’ve met some fascinating people (including yourselves),
    • I’ve met some incredibly dull people (NOT including yourselves),
    • I’ve been stretched in all sorts of ways,
    • I’ve learnt new skills,
    • I’ve vastly improved my skills,
    • I’ve drank around 3000 cups of tea (guestimate),
    • I’ve grown in confidence,
    • I’ve grown spiritually,
    • I got married,
    • I’ve been to some great places,
    • I’ve seen some amazing things,
    • I’ve found the best Kebab shop in Hemel Hempstead,
    • I’ve grown creatively,
    • I bought my first car,
    • I’ve had loads of great experiences,
    • I’ve made some films that I’ve been very proud of,
    • I’ve had some looooong chats with people in this office,
    • I made some new friends who I know will be in my life forever,
    • I’ve learnt every inch of the M1 from unction1 to Junction 8,
    • I’ve spent so so so many hours, sitting there waiting for hours and hours for that render bar to get to 100%,
    • I’ve laughed lots,
    • I’ve wanted to throw my monitor out the window (see 2 points previous),
    • I’ve had the time to geek out on stuff,
    • I’ve played with some great kit,
    • I’ve wanted and desired some other bits of kit,
    • I’ve hoped,
    • I’ve wished,
    • I’ve dreamed,
    • above all – I’ve had a great time doing it all…..

I feel I have gained so much and I still see a very integrated future with Tandem. I will miss working here. I will miss the team. I’ll miss being involved with everything.

Thank you! Thank you so much. I will never be able to fully show you my gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had here. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you for modeling Jesus’ nature. Thank you for starting such a cool little company and thank you for trusting this small team to take over the reigns.

Thank you!

I think I’m gonna cry 150 times…

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I’m working on my last project at Tandem and it’s a biggie. Final delivery will consist of about 150 video clips to the client. T

hat means that yours truly is having to go through

the 150 edits

to get the 150 clips

and read the 150 scripts…

Some people say that repetitive tasks are a great way to meditate on things and those people would probably also be the same people that would suggest i try and use the time to do so.

My response to that is…well there are two responses. My knee-jerk response and my actual proper response:

The knee-jerk is to punch them repetitively ion the face and tell them to meditate on the benefits of the repetitive impacts.

The Actual response is to say they are probably right but I cant really mediate as i need to concentrate on making these edits work as a small clip otherwise they’d make no sense.

So that leaves me wanting to cry myself to sleep….

Now – On with the edit!

DISCLAIMER – I don’t actually want to do any of these things – i’m just a but tired that’s all and i don’t actually want to cry myself to sleep. That would make me quite unmanlyif i did, but i don’t so it wont….

creativity burnout…

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Sadly, this is how i feel at the moment at work.

I don’t feel like I’m getting the creative time i used to get when i was freelance. Well, i know i’m not.

Don’t worry, this is not me thinking of jacking in my job here at Tandem. God put me here and i’m not getting any vibes that he wants me elsewhere for the time being. What is happening is that i am getting quite fed up with the processes one has to put up with in a small production company. This has become quite tiresome and i’m beginning to fear for my creative abilities.

The creative mind is much like a muscle. If you don’t exercise it it will grow weak and less productive. When you do use it it will be a real effort to get anywhere. I use this analogy cause I’m also really unfit! I need to get in to some routines where I can get on my bike. Last few times i was out, i was left out of breath alot and it wasn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. I’m finding the same result with being creative.

At work my job is still very creative. Its just that it’s also very constrained. Constraints and creativity don’t get along very well. Within the corporate environment the constraints are mainly budget and time.

Budgets don’t usually allow for very adventurous things

Time is usually too tight to have any fun with ideas.

I feel like i’m completely done!


This is not what it should be and I think i need to go back to one of my original functions here at Tandem. That function was to bring a fresh perspective to the company. We need to go back to the roots of why we do this. I remember when i was freelancing with my bro. It was obviously very different for us as we didn’t have as many overheads so we were alot more free to try things but we did try things. I remember we used to sit and talk about ideas and when we realised we couldn’t afford to do something we would work out a way of doing so….it was great!

I want us to do this at Tandem. I need for us to smash out of this oppressive feeling we’re under and start being creative! REALLY CREATIVE. We need to be completely bonkers creative, think of the ludicrous, the obscene, the stupid, the funny, the outrageous, the bizarre and even the un-related!



I’ve been thinking of all this stuff and what it all mans and trying to hear what God has to say about all of this. One of the cool things coming up is the iamsecond project. We will be doing the production on the UK version of this which is really awesome and a real answer to prayer. I’ve been praying that we get some new Christian projects and this landed in my lap in a way that could only have been from the Big Man.

This has had me thinking and praying more about where God is taking me. I’m seeing people serving Jesus full time and I’m so envious. There is a large part of me that just cannot be faffed with doing corporate work as I find it really difficult to see how a film on a tunnel or the construction of a building can further the Kingdom. I would love to be able to work full time on films that directly further the kingdom.

I pray that this feeling will go and I’ll be able to get my creative mojo back!