Swept away

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Under Wall Swept

Feel like I’m about to be swept away by the invisible force that is stress, frustration and sheer lack of motivation – a toxic c**ktail of non-work biased feelings that are growing and growing with each moment of this month.

Yes i said month.

It’s not like we have just been having a bad day in the office – it’s a bad month.

God I pray that you would help me though this as i feel i’m gonna crack

An Affordable DLSR Rig

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This is an affordable DLSR rig by indiSystem. WHile it’s not as pretty as the Redrock Micro or Zacuto Systems, it still holds a good level of versatility and most importamtly at a fraction of the cost. I would like to see them to expand it out to have Monitor/Battery and weighted mounts.

I really want a video capable DSLR and one of these rigs!

I survived 6 hours underground

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On Tuesday we had a shoot with Eurotunnel. The day was a long one. It was the fourth day of shooting or a project that has been 18 months in the making. This shoot was mostly about picking up shots that hadn’t worked or that we’d missed. Because of this it was a bit of a stressful day. However I had my brother Tom ans one of my camera men and Mr Dan as my other camera ma so it was nice and easy. The shoot itself went very well ad we got everything we needed.

At the end of the day we finished up our last shots in France and boarded a train to come back to the UK with th intention of getting two final simple shots. These shots were destined to never be shot……

About 20 minutes in to the 35 minute journey the train came to a bit of an abrupt stop in the middle of the tunnel. Shortly after this an announcement was made to the affect of some sort of Technical fault. This was the beginning of the 6 hour wait we had to endure. Now i must say that while to was a very unpleasant experience it is nowhere near as bad as how the Daily M.A.I.L. (Mal-Adjusted Information System) article displays it. In fact that article is just another example of how BAD a newspaper they are. The article is stupidly misleading its funny.

The facts are this. Announcements were made when they had new information. They simply couldn’t figure out what the issue was. The staff (including our client) started distributing water because the air-con was not working which the DID NOT run out of.  Soon we were told that It was to do wit a power failure. When the fire crews arrived they toyed with he idea of evacuating the train – This is a last resort due to safety. During this time the lights went out a few times for only a few minutes at a time. Eventually we were towed out quite quickly by a diesel train – it was just 6 hours later.

It was no a TERROR incident as the mail suggests. If anything it was a terrifyingly DULL experience. It did get quite warm down there but 30 degrees C is not over kill. You need to be a total wuss to think that is treacherous.

I think the ET staff did very well under the circumstances. If anything they could have been better with communicating what was happening but half of me thinks that they told us all there was to tell. Maybe they ould have reassured the punters a little more. Saying that the staff did make their presence felt as much as was humanly possible. They walked up through the wagons giving as much info as they had.

It was an experience i’d not like to go through again but it could have been alot worse! Needless to say – we didn’t get those final shots….


So…..Doha……How was it?

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Well I’m in the airport waiting for my flight so i thought I’d kill the time by writing about Qatar

IT WAS STUPIDLY HOT – Got to 54 degreec C today.

infinite sand ocean

Doha is an interesting place. Culturally it is very very VERY different. Did i say it was different. Certainly off the plane i realised that I, as a white guy, was pretty fly, ok ok ok, that I was the minority. There are very few white faces around. There are however many many different nationalities represented. Chinese, Phillipino, Indian, Afghan, the list goes on…. As an Irish guy you do OK. Except for the fact that they jut assume you are British. But Here that goes down well. If you are American or British you get alto of respect and the workers will do anything for you. It gets a bit weird after a while. At least I felt weird.

What stuck me first is the way in which people are treated. there is not a real sense of friendliness between workers and bosses. It’s very raw and cold. Bosses see to treat employees like idiots and couldn’t really care less if that upsets them. In India there is the cast system. Here there is a hierarchy of nationality and if you are on the bottom rungs (Indians, philipinos) then you can expect to get treated very badly indeed. Calling a spade a spade: It’s very very racist but in a civilized manner.

Qatar seems to be mostly about money. Most of these people have come here to make money. In fact if you are not Qatari you are more than likely only here t make money. Everyone i asked about whether they liked it here or not had the same reply. “No but you can make good money here”. So you have all these guys coming over to work as labourers, kitchen staff, and porters – the grind work. Most of them are uneducated and the result is a city that is built on shoddy if good intention filled workforce. It’s as if some guy just decided he’d be an air-conditioning guy and went bought what he thought were the tools needed for the job despite not actually having a clue. Now i appreciate

The team I have been working with have been a really great bunch. Nice and friendly which was a blessing. I think i would go out of my mind completely if i had to deal with people here and not have someone to have a good chat with. None of them are Qatari. in fact they’re quite a mixed bunch of people. Portuguese, Lebanese, British were being represented. All of them really lovely people.

So would I live here? – Um….no. I think i could handle it for a while but it would eventually drive me nuts. Ruth living here would be another ting entirely. I would not be able to stand the way women are treated. If a woman calls a man a liar- she gets nicked! The heat would probably fry here and if she ever had to drive here she would probably die of a hart attack at the thought if she saw how they drive here. It scares even me! Also she hates white cars. there are lots of them here as it a good colour for car in this climate – nice and reflective. Ultimately Ruth wouldn’t be able to stand not telling people about Jesus.

I’ll write more about te work we were doing cause i think we are about to board.

Rockin the Doha, Rockin the Doha

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Right boys and girls. I’m ready. Everything i need is packed, bar this laptop and the power cord, and my toothbrush, and my phone and…well ok ok not everything but you get the idea.

I get up tomorrow and go meet Dan at T5 and off we go to Doha.

Where is that some of you might ask?


Beautiful place but it’s HOT! WOOOOOOO. I am probab;ly gonna come back and my wife wont recognise the crispy bacon boy in front of her. But she does like bacon so will prolly have me anyway.

The Loop and Multiple Queries

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This is the bit i’m srtuggling with:


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I want it to choose a thumbnail depending on the catagory (the thumbnail assigning happens in  Cat_Thumb_Assign.php). This I’ve had working no problem. Then it should  choose how to display that post dependingon wether its either catagory 28 (a twitter update) or not.

Can anyone figure this out?


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Film I made for BTP in May 2009:


close to the wire?

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This lsat week has been quite a busy one. I feel a bit frayed and in need of a holiday. Ruth & I are planning a weeken away in May. We have got a church weekend away but that’s work for Ruth. We want a weekend to ourselves so we are gonna g down to Henley and stay in my folks caravan. After [intlink id=”1495″ type=”post”]helping dad put in the floor[/intlink] the other weekend i think its deserved that we stay there. We really are both in need of a Holiday. If anyone wants to give us an all expences paid holiday somewhere that would be ace!

So, what’s been happening this week?

BTP – On thurs and fri i was shooting with The British Transport Police. It was a grea shoot and it was facinating spending the two days in te company of coppers. They were a good fun bunch of guys to work with and we hd a good tim. The shhot itself was very strenuouse. we were all over teh place travelling to nad from various locations. Were were on the go constantly which was a major pressure but it went really well, i think it’ gonna b a really good programme.  Have a pic of me doing some directing…


Weekend – Chilltastic. Becasue ofthe arduaous previous 2 days we took it really easy over the weekend. On Fridat eve we watched ‘American History X’ which ruth hadn’t seen before and then we were in bed by about 10:30. On sat morning i woke up at my usual time and realised that i’d left my electric blnket on all night. I was bunched up agaist wifey in attempt to get away from the scolding heat. I turned it off and went back to sleep and woke again at 12:30ish. Rut did some ‘wii fit’ and i faffed on the pooter.

We wnet out fo a walk on which we got cold and rained on so we turnedit into a drive. It was nice to be out of the house. In the eve we went and had dinner with some friends at church who had invited us that morning.

Sunday morning was spent creating graphics for the new notices at church. Well its a new layout for the notices anyway. It was also a time for me to teach ruth how to do some graphics.

Monday was monday – no real news there.

Funeral – Yesterday was Alan’s (Ruth’s unofficial Uncle – its complicated) funeral. It was actually a really nice service. I got to meet the other side or Ruth’s extended family. While i didnt know any of them – it as nice to meet them and hear some stories relating to my hot sexy wife’s life.

Ruth drove home which was ace.


I am tired and drained hence feeling close to the wire…


I’m also getting fed up with thi crappy keyboard that seems to miss keystrokes at its own will!


Fie keyboard Fie!

work – floor – slamming

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Work – This week has been intense! On [intlink id=”1444″ type=”post”]Paddy’s day[/intlink] I had BAA in to review an edit. The job in question had started out quite sternly as my bosses were originally managing it but now the job is mine and it’s all going smoothly. I think the client was pleasantly surprised to see how far along it is and that my suggestions on editorial changes made sense. There’s stll alot to do but it’s all good and its progressing well.

On Wed morning I had a meeting with some people at BTP (i know you are prolly wondering who they are but i am not sure if i should be stating more than the abbreviated names for confidentiality reasons). They asked us to come in for a briefing meeting and i was the lucky one to go give them our pitch which they seemed to have loved so far. Looks like next week will be another silly busy weel as a result. I then had to jump on a train to go back to Hemel to continue the finishing touches to a job we were doing for Vanderlande. The plan for the eve was to get a train back to london and tube it back to acton but i was worried about having to work really late and so i asked wifey if she’d be up for picking me up from Hemel. She was very very brave and did her first solo motorway drive and i was very proud of her. When she arrived we got a kebab and i finished up what i could then we left the office at 11:00pm.I could have just taken the camera car home but because i had the car booked in for a service in the morning i needed ruth to collect me so i could drive our car to hemel in the morning.

Friday morning had me up at 6:20am in order to get to the office to receive any later given comments from the client. At about 8:30 i went to drop the car off to the garage. When i got there they had no record of my booking!!! grrrrr! So the whole rigmarole of the previous night ended up being un-needed but it was good for Ruth to do it. The plan for the rest of this day was to upload the final versions of the programme to the web for the client and go home early. I didn’t leave till about 6pm and when i left i left the mac on uploading a couple of files and i brought home the macbook in order to upload some others from here. We did have a nice eve though. We had Dan and Suzie over for dinner. We had a really nice eve with them and ate CHILLI MMMMMM 17288

floor – Yesterday ruth and i went down to Henley with my folks. The plan was that my dad and I were going to put down the flooring for their caravan’s awning. (Rough muddy ground) + (odd bits of wood) – (appropriate tools) = a fun afternoon with my dad! It was actually all right. We had a good time doing it and we worked well together but it was knackering. I was glad to come home

slamming – We came home and i watched Ireland win the GRAND SLAM. That really was a great game of rugby. While wales were the favourites it was great to see Ireland finally pull it together for a victorious finale. Rock on IRELAND!


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I was thinking about my workspace bein tidy as we hada major clean up last week. my desk wight now is a bit of a mess- as usual! But then it struck me that i have alot of monitors on the go here. Is this too many monitors or is this ok?

my desk at work

my desk at work

taking shape

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After the sucessof the oaktree site I am trying to redo this site now too.

It’s pushing my limitations of php/html coding but its great and i am happy with resuklts so far.

The most dificult bit wll be skinning the whole thing to something suitable….