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Friday: 09:00am – 11:45pm

Saturday: 09:30am – 10:45pm

Monday: 08:00am – 7:40pm

Tuesday: 09:30am – 11:30pm

Needless to say, I am a tired tired boy!  – We’ve had a very last minute job come up and i left the clients office at 11:30 last night. It was a tricky one but it’s done now.


I am so so soooo Tired :shock:

at work

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I am at work.

Its late.

It’s not nice having to work late.

I have hunger.

I am bored.

I wanna in home.

This edit is boring me now.

This edit is important.

This work is good.

I love my job.

This was done on an N95 – 8GB.-

wife & work

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Here is a pic of ruth watching the very first episod of 24 in the tandem =office while i have to work on bank holiday monday.

This was done =on an N95 – 8GB.

Busy with Work

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[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″]

All of this vieo was done on my Nokia N95 8GB. It’s a very impressiv phone. I’m lovin it large!


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I really have broken the back of wordpress. I’ve been so busy developing other websites that i’ve completely neglected this one. Our work website is now back up online using wordpress check it out. I am also developing and

Neither have anything online yet (except taylors original site) but its exciting times knowing that i’ve got this stuff nailed.

bored but stayin awake

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So here i am in Waterloo trainstation at 3:07am. Later this morning the last eurostar train will leave waterloo as from today onwards it will be operating out of St.Pancreas station. Why am i here? Well i am baby sitting a video wall for the morning, well untill about 7am when the others return. I was given the unenviabke task of staying here all night. Oh the joy. Thankfully Willis left his laptop here for me to play about on to keep me from suicide.

Its been along time since i did any videowall work. infact the last one was in Manchester last september of last year. It was a couple of weeks after that when i did the Alpha course and i met Ruth. Its a year. Thats quite amazing. I have now known ruth for a year and I will be marrying her which is the coolest thing ever.

In the past i thought i knew what love was. Really. I’ve had relationshipsthat i considered having a future with. I had thought of marrige before but i feel like an idiot when i remember the mindset i was in then. The thing with ruth is that she loves me completely. She knows that i’m an arrogant idiot sometimes. That i’m proud. I’m pigheaded, I’m lazy and my career prospects dont loook great and yet she loves me inspite of these things. In fact she goes one further and she loves those things anyway. To love someone so completely that you love them warts and all is such an amazing thing. It is truly awe inspiring. I feel like such a lucky git! I AM a lucky GIT.

I thank God sincerly for this. Without him life sucked. Now it RAWKS! If you dont know him you should say hello – he’s really quite cool you know.

Sancho Panza

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The Sancho Guys wanted a reel to pitch a deal with Ministry of Sound and MTV

[flv width=”590″ height=”382″ bufferlength=”20″ ][/flv]

Work work work

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So the last few days have been manic and even as I write this i think to myself that I shouldn’t be soingso as I have faaaaar too much to do for the morning.

On Thursday afternoon I left for South Wales. I did the jorney in good time despite forgetting to have cash on me for the Severn Bridge toll. I arrived up there and met my colleague Liz and the camera man at the Tesco Depot at 4:45. Our Tesco contact arrived shortly after and we sat down and discussed what we would shoot the following day. We then went and did a quick recce of the depots to have a better idea as to what we would see and do.

Up at 6:30am and down at The Depot for 6:30. This day was a much much better than Teusday’s. The people here were just far more willing to help and so it made the whole day alot easier. It was a very very very long and full day and when we finished at 7:15pm I was not looking forward to the drive home. However I managed it in better time than i thought and i picked up Ruth and we went straight into Bob’s Oxfam store for his comedy night which was pretty good. We didnt stay too long as at that point tiredness was really kicking me in the teeth so I brought Ruth home and then went home to bed.

Sat was spent digitizing the 8 hours of footage we shot. This was a bit mind numbingly dull but i got it done by around 6:30. I ate and startdd some of the small bits i wanted to do before today. Later on i nipped over to Acton to attempt joining in the Paddy’s day festivities but again had the same culprit kicking my teeth along with the evenings work hanging over me. So I went back home and finished off the main bits i wanted done for today. I got to bed at 5am.

Today so far has been good. I have to have a rough draft of the edit done for the morning. Yup thats alot of pressure but I am on track i think. I just need to keep track of the whole message and make sure the draft is coherent and shows off what the video is suposed to do. The pic above is a wee screen grab which i though was quite cool so there ya go!

That is all!

Stealth HD – Brand Development

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 Stealth TargetFlare sqaure copy

Stealht HD was a company idea by Danny Bowes & Mark Wilkinson that never took off.