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So Now I have this running off of wordpress I now need to work in all my own style sheets never mind all the old blog entries. I dont think I’ll be able to avoid doing all of this manually which is a bit s**t to be honest. but there you go! From now on the blogging bit should be a much easier process to manage and I’ll be able to do it from anywhere not relying on dreamweaver!

I also have to incorporate all the other stuff like the videos and the gallery and all that stuff – It’ll happen!

Been working on an animation project involving South Park and Richard Branson. So far its looking hilarious and hopefuilly the client will agree.

HangoverHangover 127

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We partied till the wee hours! – Actually the party was a bit lame. A ton of people never turned up. Of the people that did, one of them I detest! He’s a bit of a t****r and always takes things too far. There was a fight between him and someone who shall remain nameless but – I was not happy that he turned up nor that pissed said person off so much to induce a fight! The party was ok but after that it went a**e over tit really!

The dressing up as ladies was rather amusing but the bra was too much for me and i was the first to break and change into man clothes again.


Sunday was Ace!. My sis Sandra and her 2 oldest kids came down from Glasgow so we had some nice family time – Photos will follow soon! I am still hungover!!


Finally made the Thunder trailer live today click HERE to watch it.

Celebrity Taxi

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Here are some logos i designed for Niel and his ideas for the TV show: Celebrity Taxi

Section 8

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So it was quite a long busy day today. Had to face the Tube again to get down to Ministry of Sound. The job they had for me to day was coverage of the Section 8 Night last week. Was a good simple enough edit and they were as always very happy. At least I assume they’re always happy, why else do they keep asking me to come back??. There is one thing though that’s a lil off with Ministry. Although they are always impressed with my work I am not. I know it can be better. This is not the usual artistic gripe of never being completely happy. I know it could be alot better. It’s always down to time. If they allowed 2 days rather than one, all the videos would be sooooo much better.

Jimmer made me realise that because of selling the bike I am missing out on “The Real Ale Wobble”!!! A weekend of bikes and beer! – DOH! Jimmer and I were gonna go down there and meet Cyclist Rich and twinklydave but – no ride no point never mind the fact that it’s be a spensive weekend.

Yawn – I have sleepyness noe – I go sleepyfy myself.


Club Shoot

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This has been a really busy week. I have been back at The Another Tongue offices going over the new CD. Its been intensely tedious but all has to be done. It has actually been nice having some regularity of hours though. I’ve become so used to working weird / unstructured hours that it makes a pleasant change. I’ll be here next week too. Tomorrow I am down at Ministry of Sound again doing another video job and it looks like that on Sat eve I’ll be down there shooting inside the club. It should be great.

Sunday I will be taking it nice and easy. I plan to do no work what so ever. you see the thing is with the regular work is that I am shattered. Not used to it at all and my sleep patterns – actually no i dont have sleep patters, and that’s the problem. So on Sunday I’ll take it easy, may go for a wee ride on the beasty but otherwise i’ll jus be cotchin.

tutu puppies

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Another late night at the office. – Mind you it has been months since I last did this. My biggest worry is that I am gonna freeze on the drive home as, if you did not notice, its cold enough to freeze a small puppy wearing a tutu outside.

I am working on a DVD for Actor/Director David Morrissey. It’s his acting and directing showreel which he wants to send out to LA. The reason for the late night is that I promised him I’d have it for him tomorrow afternoon and the Mac engineer doodio (stef) is coming in tomorrow, soooooo I need to finish it tonight.

While waiting for the various videos to encode I have been surfing and its funny. There are some weird people out there in the world. Personal webbys have exploded like a rash on an allergy ridden baby’s a**e. This being an example. It makes me parranoid that someone else will happen upon this site and think the very same as I do about other sites. hmmmm I dont really know what the point is here but you may get a drift and if so well done – if not – wake up fool, go have a picnic with a paraplegic on a merry go round.


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It is not good when faced with what I am faced with now! I am mixing some recordings we did in the office last week and on the high pass there is a nasty hiss (electrical interference me thinks) and on the low pass there is an alternating hum (the office upstairs and their noisy computers) – Duh how am I supposed to deal with these? And the recordings are kids!!