17 May ’12

Dated card #POTD

Found this on our doorstep this morn. It belonged to our hoarding neighbour. Check out the valid dates!!!
17 May ’12

Another IKEA moment

16 May ’12

Me an ma fro #POTD #Afro

Letting my hair grow yo to an Afro fuzz.
15 May ’12

New loo view #POTD

12 May ’12

Bathroom #POTD

11 May ’12

Tree #POTD

5 May ’12

New Drives #POTD

21 Apr ’12

Birth of our favela

Friday eve 13th Apr 2012 – I arrived home to this sight! A brief explanation. Having not seen our downstairs neighbor since late November I went to the police […]
15 Apr ’12

The iceberg grows. #POTD

The lads downstairs have been clearing out for two days and only now is the floor visible. We are lucky the whole place didn’t burst into […]