10 Jul ’11

Now THAT’S a view. #POTD

Having dinner with my beautiful Wifey under bridge in Istanbul. Perfect!
10 Jul ’11

Three Amigos

9 Jul ’11

Turkish Bazzar. #POTD

9 Jul ’11

My beautiful sister. #POTD

8 Jul ’11

Wedding Woop.#POTD

6 Jul ’11

Ugali #POTD

It’s been International Fortnight these last two weeks here at Tearfund which means loads of our people who work all over the word come back to […]
5 Jul ’11

Bag for life fail.

This poor bag-for-life didn’t survive the tumble dryer.
5 Jul ’11

#MyCurrentView #POTD

4 Jul ’11

Light. #POTD