12 Mar ’11

While at IKEA

11 Mar ’11

The ceiling. POTD

This is what’s left of our old ceiling. We moved back into the flat this eve. There is still so much dust everywhere that it only […]
11 Mar ’11

I’m going to Cambodia

On Wednesday morning my boss came to me and asked if I would be up for going to Cambodia at the beginning of April. Seeing as […]
10 Mar ’11

My legacy lives on. POTD

I made this over 3 years ago at 32 hereford road and the legacy still lives on.
10 Mar ’11


During our team meeting this morning I Doodled this.
9 Mar ’11

Yesterday’s Anniversary

So y’day was our 3rd anniversary and while i wished my wife loving wishes on FB I didn’t really do much here on the site so […]
8 Mar ’11

Yummy – POTD

7 Mar ’11


5 Mar ’11