18 Feb ’11


17 Feb ’11

Testing Signatures

This is a test email signature I’m playing with at work. Its not there yet but i like most of it so far.
17 Feb ’11

Corridor to Postroom – POTD

This is the corridor down to the post room at Tearfund. No hidden, deep, passionate, weird or strange meanings today…just a corridor.
16 Feb ’11

The aftermath. POTD.

As a treat and in aid of Valentine’s day and as a reward for lots of hard work on the OakTree IT, we came to Brasserie […]
16 Feb ’11

750 FPS Test

I’m doing a film for work and I was thinking of doing some of the GV’s in super slo-mo. After seeing Oton Bačar’s amazing BMX Super […]
15 Feb ’11

Is Spring coming? POTD

I rode to work for the first time this year. I was thinking it would be warm as it has been getting milder….it wasn’t. It hurt….my […]
15 Feb ’11

Theme Change – Reverting to the old

So I am just a bit tired of this theme, I want to go back to a better blogging theme and so I’ll rise the old […]
14 Feb ’11

Oh snap! POTD @sharecreative

Both Wifey and I bought cards for each other from the same place. We don’t like the way in which this day has been commercialized and […]
12 Feb ’11

Self Portrait – POTD