11 Feb ’11

27″ iMac – POTD

11 Feb ’11

See via Sound: Blind Photographer

10 Feb ’11

Team meeting – POTD @TearfundEmgen

There be lots of tea being drank here at our team meeting.
8 Feb ’11

Fogtastic Beauty – POTD

On my way to work this morning and as I was passing the entrance to Syon Park when i noticed this wall of fog rolling along […]
6 Feb ’11

Purple Water – POTD

Not that I’ve ever seen blood pouring down steps or anything, let alone purple blood – but this shot made me think that. Actually it was […]
5 Feb ’11

POTD – intent Wifey

4 Feb ’11

Lonesome – P.O.T.D.

I love lone objects! I love when an object is out of place and feels desolate. Maybe its the loner I used to be identifying with […]
3 Feb ’11

Steps – P.O.T.D.

2 Feb ’11

Baby Monkey, Riding on a Pig

You know when you see something so amazing that you wish you had created it yourself? This is the most EPIC film you will watch this […]