12 Jan ’10

Toys arrived today

The Sata Dock and USB hub arrived today – excuse me while a have a Geekasm. The mini only has 2 USB Ports which is just […]
12 Jan ’10

MSN Messenger now obselete?

I’ve been thinking over the past few weeks about MSN Messenger or rather Windows Live! Messenger There are only 3 people whom i use it with […]
12 Jan ’10

Boston Post: Dakar Rally 2010

Click the pic for gallery
11 Jan ’10

Plans for the Macs

I have a few plans for the network at home. I want to get things automated and seemlessly easy to use. Here’s what i have in […]
11 Jan ’10

50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife #11

She has a great laugh
10 Jan ’10

prayer can be creative

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10 Jan ’10

50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife #10

How she nuzzles in to me when we are going to sleep
9 Jan ’10

50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife #9

the way she strokes my arms
8 Jan ’10

Simply WOW – just WOW

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