19 Dec ’09

Cool thingy of the day

Another great image from www.CreativeMYK.com
18 Dec ’09

Boston Post: The decade in news photographs

Click the pic for gallery
18 Dec ’09

Awsome Gigapixel action

18 Dec ’09

Thankful for our home

Our Home According the the UK government there are over 10500 people who have applied for homeless accommodation in the last quarter of this year and […]
18 Dec ’09

2000 – 2010 in 7 mins

I reckon alot of you will be returning from your mid-morning coffee break right now and aren’t quite ready start working so have this to ease […]
17 Dec ’09

Thankful for my Health

My Health There is an ironic theme today because as i write this i am feeling really l ill with a horrible chesty cold and a […]
16 Dec ’09

Thankful for My Job

My Job I am so lucky. I really really am. I really love my Job. Even though at the moment i’m going through a bit of […]
15 Dec ’09

Where do computers go when they die?

This poor chap had his macbook shot! Clicky to read the article I’ve had a few tragedies when it comes to computer deaths. In fact i […]
15 Dec ’09

Thankful for Church & Community

Church & Community When i say church i mean “church” and not  “the church”. I’m talking about church as Jesus intended it  and not the political […]