26 Oct ’09

Awesome DSLR footage

26 Oct ’09


The cold is returning, the hour change has occured, the sunlight has changed temperature and i can’t figure out when I need a coat and when […]
24 Oct ’09

flat is colder than this

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23 Oct ’09

cold morning

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22 Oct ’09

Swept away

Feel like I’m about to be swept away by the invisible force that is stress, frustration and sheer lack of motivation – a toxic c**ktail of […]
21 Oct ’09

The Car – Before & After

This is the Before shot This is the After shot The garage did a really great job. I was very glad to get our car back […]
21 Oct ’09


Work is really crazy right now – i dont think i’ve ever endured this much crazy stressy times!
19 Oct ’09

Eddie Izzard Genius

18 Oct ’09

walking the willis way.

We are out waking in the chilterns with the willis family. Such a nice morning! Posted via email from irishmark’s posterous