25 Jun ’09

doha windy

25 Jun ’09

Great 3D piece

I love these playful pointless little pieces.
20 Jun ’09

Obama is a Ninja

18 Jun ’09

have a break and watch these

15 Jun ’09

Films I have been watching

Terminator Salvation – We really enjoyed this. While most of the reviews have been poor i still like it. The film is heavily flawed. The concept […]
9 Jun ’09

Here’s to another 5 Years

I just renewed my domain for another 5 years – Wow. I’ve owned thi one for 5 years – Thats quite a while.
7 Jun ’09

I’m Mostly Al – A film by my bro.

4 Jun ’09

So…..Doha……How was it?

Well I’m in the airport waiting for my flight so i thought I’d kill the time by writing about Qatar IT WAS STUPIDLY HOT – Got […]
31 May ’09

Rockin the Doha, Rockin the Doha

Right boys and girls. I’m ready. Everything i need is packed, bar this laptop and the power cord, and my toothbrush, and my phone and…well ok […]