26 Nov ’08

I want one

shot on a Canon Eos Mark5DII
26 Nov ’08

Why I love WordPress

WordPress is the DADDY! I’ve been using it now since Jan 07 and it has been brilliant. For someone like me who is not chiefly a […]
21 Nov ’08

missing you

Miss you
18 Nov ’08

News Beating

I have to admit here to being one to Listen to BBC Radio 1. I like the music selection but over the past 10 months i […]
17 Nov ’08

Being a crap mate

I dunno how this has happened. Well in some ways I do and I feel terrible in some ways and in others i feel like standing […]
13 Nov ’08

Vimeo HD – I Loves it

12 Nov ’08


Friday: 09:00am – 11:45pm Saturday: 09:30am – 10:45pm Monday: 08:00am – 7:40pm Tuesday: 09:30am – 11:30pm Needless to say, I am a tired tired boy!  – […]
11 Nov ’08


http://en.allexperts.com/q/Microsoft-PowerPoint-1035/Playing-DVD-powerpoint.htm yo
10 Nov ’08


This is a typical oaktree service