16 Apr ’07

And my weekend consisted mainly of …..

Twas a good weekend:
16 Apr ’07


I really do not know what the a**e i am doing when it comes to databases and stuff in web design. I know what they can […]
13 Apr ’07

new styles

been working on some new styles/themes for the site. Some are cool some are crap and some are well….. I have just coped others work and […]
10 Apr ’07

Acton Rides

So Yesterday I went for a ride. Shockingly it was the first ride of the year!I feel ashamed to admit that but it was ace to […]
9 Apr ’07

A week of moving, the fuzz, sorting stuff and the frustration of it all!!!

Soooooooooo! I’ve been living here for a week and i have to admit; its been a stressful but also wicked week. The frustrations have been: the […]
30 Mar ’07

Moving and Fast Indians

So this is prolly gonna be the last post i write living at 127. I started this website while i was living here and the end […]
23 Mar ’07


so i go around alot of the time having no work! Now i am running myself into the ground wit this tesco job. In the last […]
18 Mar ’07

Work work work

So the last few days have been manic and even as I write this i think to myself that I shouldn’t be soingso as I have […]
14 Mar ’07

Tesco & Fridges

So Yesterday I did a shoot with My brother for Tesco. We went up to their fresh foods distrobution plant in Peterborough leaving here at 6:30am […]