25 Jan ’07

check me out!

So I’ve found a tutorial on how to work the CSS in wordpress themes and am now working on introducing one of my originals – it […]
24 Jan ’07

Snow Yay!

Woke up and looked out the back doors to see the above! – Its soooo cold but i love snow! Feelin groovy today!
22 Jan ’07


Yes today i find myself grining ear to ear becuase of a certain someone. Not quite ready to go public but needless to say the grin […]
20 Jan ’07

Stealth HD – Brand Development

Stealht HD was a company idea by Danny Bowes & Mark Wilkinson that never took off.
18 Jan ’07

good day!

Today was a gooooood day! Partly cause last night was a very very good night. Those involved will know why. Even though today did start on […]
16 Jan ’07

Stooopid Dancing

So today I spent creating this:  d7bfAalXePw
15 Jan ’07

PHP and techie stuff

ok so I really have bitten off a little more than i can chew on this whole wordpress game. I’ve found a few tutorial sites that […]
11 Jan ’07


Apples, bananas, strawberries, mangos and oranges! – hey make a nice smoothie! Tomorrow am due to go to a Pirates & Princess’s party! – need to […]
10 Jan ’07

Transformers is comin!!!!!

I almost wet myself when i saw this! – this will be uber great! v/fZIbPN5_mAM