13 Oct ’06

Mates an dat

So recently there has been alot of crap going on in the house resulting in Bob moving out. Part of this has resulted in the topic […]
10 Oct ’06

Feelin groooovy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paddy!   Man October is a really busy month for birthdays!!!   So Yesterday – My Birthday. It was actually a great day! I […]
9 Oct ’06

Twenty Eight

7 Oct ’06

Party Time

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Veronika!!!   Today is Veronika’s Birthday and I is going down to Twickenham later to James & Veris place for party time! Should be […]
6 Oct ’06

My big sis is ACE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRAAAAAA   Yes its my big sister’s birthday today and she is….older than me. Its my own birthday on Monday and I always get […]
1 Oct ’06

That time is coming round!

In a little over a weeks time my birthday is coming up. I really don’t know what to think this time! – I have not enjoyed […]
30 Sep ’06

I’m a survivor!!

“Residents return home after fire” BBC News Website Fire sparks overnight evacuation” – BBC News Website I survived the Drama. So the other night I was […]
28 Sep ’06

Hohn my skills.

Oh its good to be home!!! Although I seem to have walked into a battle field. The tension in the house over the last few months […]
23 Sep ’06

Clerks2 & the death of a Director

Don’t quite know how to start this as I feel there should be a certain level of respect held. Ok so basically yesterday I got into […]