20 Sep ’06

L I V I D I T Y!!!!!

I have been off the planet for 2 days due to the f**king IDIOTS that are Orange!!! 2 weeks ago I rang Orange to check to […]
16 Sep ’06

Yay me and my superior web coding…

For my regular viewers you’ll see that the design today is a wee bit diffrent – (this is a boring post by the way) Yes I […]
14 Sep ’06

Big up the NASA posse!

Well what’s been happening over the last few days…   This morning I got an email from a girl who works for Nasa – She was […]
10 Sep ’06

How Ninja Are You?

Production company are messing me around. Was bout to check out of the hotel when I get a call from the office saying I was due […]
8 Sep ’06

Life as a video wall engineer

So I got the informa video sorted this morn and its on its way to the client – gotta do an invoice for it now. Looks […]
7 Sep ’06

In Manchester

Jus did the first show – was dull also trying to get this video sorted and with a 260kb connection its limited!!
5 Sep ’06

In Manchester

Got here on Sunday The drive up was pleasant eneough and quick. We rigged the Screen and that was that. The Hotel is bloody nice! Nice […]
2 Sep ’06

Off to Manchester….again…

This is all a bit mental – am taking my PC with me and need to pack it up – That is all!
1 Sep ’06

Back from Manchester!!!!

MAAAAAAN! Its September already!!! Time seems to be going by in the blink of an eye. Got back from Manchester yesterday. The job was very dull […]