8 Jul ’06

Party Party 127

We are partying tonight!
8 Jul ’06

HangoverHangover 127

We partied till the wee hours! – Actually the party was a bit lame. A ton of people never turned up. Of the people that did, […]
5 Jul ’06


  I’ve not been posting much recently cause I’ve jus been, well ummmm dunno – lazy? So What’s been happenin in the world of Irishmark? Well […]
24 Jun ’06

Jump around..

Today I re-learnt the art of dirt jumping. Ok so I aint no jumping god or anything but I did find a nice lil bank jump […]
18 Jun ’06


Its been so hot and i love it! Been busy job hunting! Yesterday involved going round to Toms to soret some Tesco Stuff and dat. DawnyB […]
15 Jun ’06


This makes me smile – from the movie Human Traffic. cBeMo4uOnbI
14 Jun ’06

gettin worried now

I got bugger all in the bank – meeting with new client tomorrow so potential there but i’m a lil stressed!
9 Jun ’06

Summer and Sun

I got my first bit o sunburn today!- Decided I needed to get out and relax so went off on the bike and found myself on my […]
8 Jun ’06

Never say never?

Never ever again am i gonna do a mates rates job. I dont mind the work but where i’ve been having other people dictate to me […]