29 Mar ’06


Rent is due and i have no money!!! – AAAARGH. I think i may have to give my dad a bell and ask for some assistance. […]
26 Mar ’06

boom fizz and pop

My tiniterweb machine blew today, flames and all! I’ve lost all my films, all my email, all invoices – could this get any worse now? This […]
22 Mar ’06


Met Dara for a pint in his hotel at Heathrow – took 1hr 20mins to get there then missed the bus back for the last tube […]
17 Mar ’06

Woot Woot

It’s Paddy’s Day! Going to a party tonight down in Lewisham which I believe should be excellent. It’s for Nick’s Birthday which was last week but […]
16 Mar ’06


15 Mar ’06

Hi honey, I’m home….

Well, I’m back. I got back late last night. The funeral was grand. Despite being thrown in a\t the deep end we managed to pull it […]
9 Mar ’06

another sad day

It is another sad day. My Aunt Valerie lost her battle with Cancer this morning. Going over to Dublin first thing on Sat morn. My Mom […]
8 Mar ’06

hmm yeah

More busy art type stuff.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK, JAMES & MATT!!! So many today!! Have a goodun boys!
8 Mar ’06


Jus realised I’ve been crap with this site this month so far. Not really been writing much. I guess I dont really have much to say […]