25 Jul ’05


Right – First things first – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE Its my sis Angie’s birthday so a big upyaself to her….self. A busy weekend. – Highlight of it […]
21 Jul ’05

Club Shoot

This has been a really busy week. I have been back at The Another Tongue offices going over the new CD. Its been intensely tedious but […]
17 Jul ’05


A full weekend to say the least. Friday was battling with an overheated PC trying to retrieve data. Sat was better with some sun basking in […]
15 Jul ’05

Isleworth BMX Track

  So when I finished work this eve I was thinking of going for a ride but as I have said before I have been so […]
13 Jul ’05


Busy busy busy day. My 3rd day on the job at Ministry of Sound. To say this second job for them has been difficult would be […]
11 Jul ’05


hmmm – not much to say Had a wicked time in Bristol with Kev and Toni.
8 Jul ’05

London Deaths

50 People dead It really is horrific. They are still unsure about how many are dead from the bus. This is probably because they are still […]
7 Jul ’05

London Bombs

Now I normally try not to swear on this site in case it offends people but today is an exception. The people responsible for the London […]
5 Jul ’05


to go along with the new video section – I’ve redone the Video section and got rid of the TV design and just have the vids […]