20 Feb ’05

servere pain

Bloody Hell! This changing server stuff has been such a pain in the a**e! – Our hosting company has been very reliable but with this change […]
17 Feb ’05


This is pretty cool: This is from a gallery from Twinklydave. He and the Richyboyo went out for a long ride in some stupidly snowy conditions. […]
8 Feb ’05

bring it back

Although cold weather can sometimes be pretty I WANT THE SUMMER BACK!!!!
7 Feb ’05

oh dear!

Ouch! Due to the massive worldwide interest in Gack Trek our hosting company is trying to sting us big time!!! We have a monthly bandwidth limit […]
2 Feb ’05


So I’ve spent the last couple of days off sick feeling like – well like a sick person actually – Wanted to think of something big […]
1 Feb ’05

Gack Trek

This cold is NASTYYYYYYY I hate being ill. My brother and his mate Mark had some spare time on their hands and so decided to do […]
31 Jan ’05

trolley rides

So I went through Friday fine and then in the eve the cold came in force thus putting a real damper on my weekend but that […]
28 Jan ’05


A cold is developing within my body. I woke up this morn feeling a bit snivelling and now its getting worse. I deduce that wee colds […]
27 Jan ’05

designey and dat

I’ve been really busy trying to develop some other web projects at the moment. Looking at setting up templates and hosting companies and domain registrars in […]