28 Mar ’13

Chees Choc Digestives #POTD

In a bout of desperate hunger I made possibly one of the greatest discoveries ever made! Extra mature cheddar cheese on a McVities chocolate digestive!Just so […]
26 Mar ’13

9 Years Old!

           Today is the 9th birthday of this blog which is quite unbelievable for me. I started this blog with the intent of having an archive to look back on and it […]
24 Mar ’13

Pepper Inception V2 #POTD

While chopping a pepper I found this. Second time this has occurred but couldn’t find the previous post.
23 Mar ’13

Wifey Glasses Winner

22 Mar ’13

Nom nom non. #potd

22 Mar ’13

So gonna happen

This will be me and our sone one day…if we have a son that is.
16 Mar ’13

Rice #POTD

12 Mar ’13

NewWine RLC Shoot #potd

So far today’s shoot is going well. My brother has been away and normally I would use his kit so on this and last week’s shoot, […]
9 Mar ’13

Lego Army #POTD

Yesterday was our 5th Anniversary and so we are away in Swanage having a long weekend to ourselves. . This morning I made the above.