12 Dec ’12

Lots of twelves

It’s a 2012 Wallpaper (1920 x 1080) clicky biggie! Get the photoshop file here 12121212.psd
10 Dec ’12

Hannah-Grace #POTD

Got to have a cuddle with my cute niece his morning – she’s just full of smiles!
9 Dec ’12

My view from the office #POTD

8 Dec ’12

SSD Speed test

Last week I upgraded the macbook to an SSD:
2 Dec ’12

The Power of Introverts

More people need to watch this! #Empowering
1 Dec ’12

18 Years

I just realised that today marks the 18th anniversary of my leaving Ireland and moving to the UK. What’s interesting is that all my immediate family […]
25 Nov ’12

Current Desk Setup

25 Sep ’12

No More Connie Kicks

I really really love Converse! I remember as a kid thinking that they were the coolest trainers ever and I really wanted a pair but my […]
25 Aug ’12

Silver Strand 2012

Our holiday was truly fantastic! I’ll try and follow the photo gallery below: Arrival & Awe – So we arrived in Dublin airport and everything went […]