29 May ’12

Today’s studio setup #POTD

Been shooting at the New Wine Church Leaders Conference and this was the roasting tin of a studio we setup.
27 May ’12

Intent telly watching eurovision#POTD

26 May ’12

Tolu & Leke’s wedding #POTD

25 May ’12

Brick #POTD

21 May ’12

Even more painting #POTD

19 May ’12

Painting party #POTD

Some amazing friends from church came to help us paint in the new flat.
18 May ’12

Bunches #POTD

Today i was able to fulfill a lifelong ambition by putting my hair in bunches. I’ve never felt so badass.
17 May ’12

Dated card #POTD

Found this on our doorstep this morn. It belonged to our hoarding neighbour. Check out the valid dates!!!
17 May ’12

Another IKEA moment