f1.7 dof Part 2

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Contuinuing on from this post i wanted to move it forward.  I still don’t what I’m gonna do about a serialisation of this. At the moment i have too much to think about with other stuff going on so I’ll just give you a teaser:

I just love how the background or foreground can get so blown out. I find it so so beautiful.

I think I’m gonna cry 150 times…

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I’m working on my last project at Tandem and it’s a biggie. Final delivery will consist of about 150 video clips to the client. T

hat means that yours truly is having to go through

the 150 edits

to get the 150 clips

and read the 150 scripts…

Some people say that repetitive tasks are a great way to meditate on things and those people would probably also be the same people that would suggest i try and use the time to do so.

My response to that is…well there are two responses. My knee-jerk response and my actual proper response:

The knee-jerk is to punch them repetitively ion the face and tell them to meditate on the benefits of the repetitive impacts.

The Actual response is to say they are probably right but I cant really mediate as i need to concentrate on making these edits work as a small clip otherwise they’d make no sense.

So that leaves me wanting to cry myself to sleep….

Now – On with the edit!

DISCLAIMER – I don’t actually want to do any of these things – i’m just a but tired that’s all and i don’t actually want to cry myself to sleep. That would make me quite unmanlyif i did, but i don’t so it wont….

My irrational distaste for @DOMINICMONAGHAN

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I’m sure Dominic Monaghan is aa lovely chap but i do have an irrational distaste for him which is probably unfair and not a very good thing for me to admit but I’m only human. We all have things that annoy us in life it’s just that Dom has been heavily featuring on my list.

  • Is it the fact that in LOTR he is just plain annoying?
  • Is it the fact that he has 3 middle names?
  • Is it the fact that he was actually quite good in Flash Forward?
  • Is it the fact that he is actually very cool in Eminem’s new video (below)?
  • Is it the fact that i really can’t find a super dorky photo of him to post here?
  • Is it the fact that my wife had a crush on him for years and years and years but found him to be a bit of a washout when she finally got to meet him at a meet & greet session at ComicCon the day before I proposed to her? (Bless he was probably knackered)

I don’t know…

I do know it’s irrational….

I do know it’s silly…

I do know that holding grudges is bad form and bad for your health and mind and a total waste of time and helps no-one and isn’t helpful….

So Dom – I commend you dude! Well done for being a brilliant actor and having great success. I pray that you will continue to do so and that you’ll know God in your heart.

This is what i dream about

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I can’t wait to get my bike sorted. Seeing as i will be commuting and there are the jumps across the river at Teddington Lock I envisage me relearning how to get big air again:


Virus Killer

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A friend of mine recently got a virus on his computer and was asking people for help. Having been through this before i thought i’d grab a very old draft post that i started writing about 2 years ago and freshen it up and post it so as to help him out and to help others get over virus problems.

Depending on what kind of virus you’ve got will depend on how repairable/removable it is. Some viruses are particularly nasty and are hard to remove completely.

The Scanner Approach


There are various bits of software out there that tackle viruses and spyware. My experiences have had me using 2 specific applications that have come to be very special friends of mine. They’re kinda like the vigilantes of spyware. They are:


This site looks a little pathetic but it’s the real site – I’ve been using this site for years to download it from.

AdAware Personal Edition:

A better looking site and another great product.

Spybot is a great tool to use for this stuff but it doesn’t catch everything. Adaware is also great but also doesn’t catch everything. However between the two they will catch most things.

  • Do not run these simultaneously.
  • Run them individually.
  • Make sure you are running the least amount of software possible for them to be most effective – i.e. if you use skype and it auto starts when you boot the computer make sure you kill it and any other apps running in the background.

In the first instance you may need to run them several times. Sometimes on the first pass they miss things, other times it’s a case that the first pass reveals other hidden gems to be obliterated.

  • Run Spybot first
  • Run it at least twice
  • Do the same with AdAware –

Depending on the size of your hard drive and the speed of your computer this may take some time. On my PC here it takes AdAware several hours to complete a full deep scan.

What? No Anti-virus recommendations?

I have not needed any in the last few years. The key is to use CAUTION. If it looks dodgy then it probably is. Don’t install anything you don’t need. AND STAY AWAY FROM SMILIES!!!! – They are EVIL – those smilie packs that people send you – just evil. And if anyone sends something to you then ask them not to ever do that again. My mother keeps making this mistake and now i refuse to fix their computer if i find smiley packs on it.


The instructions within should be carried out at the operators own risk. I am not an IT professional and the advice i give in this post is based on my own personal experiences. Please be sure to back-up all your personal data before you do any of this.

Lastly – take a look at these articles:




If all that fails then a full on system rebuild would do the trick but that’s a massive job and takes aeons of time but it’s always a guarantee to work (as long as you scan your personal files before bringing them back)