11 Jul ’12

DIY Why? – The Upcycled Sofa 1 of 8

So last month we moved into our new flat and we are getting a really great deal on the place but we agreed that we would […]
8 Jul ’12

Apocalypse #POTD

This is my fav part of out notice board. 15 Awesome points if you can tell me the movie reference!
7 Jul ’12

Loving the sun #potd

On our way to ealing walking in the sun last week for date night before this happened!
6 Jul ’12

Yummy flare #POTD

On the way to Ealing last week with Wifey for date night.
29 Jun ’12

Loving the sun #potd

29 May ’12

Today’s studio setup #POTD

Been shooting at the New Wine Church Leaders Conference and this was the roasting tin of a studio we setup.
27 May ’12

Intent telly watching eurovision#POTD

26 May ’12

Tolu & Leke’s wedding #POTD

25 May ’12

Brick #POTD