3 Jan ’12

FTW #POTD #ItsTheLittleThings

This is me beating my father in-law, step bro in-law, half bro in-law and wife at scrabble. Check it – boom.
2 Jan ’12

Wife pre leaving car park.#POTD

Ya gotta check the awkward expression on the lady in the car next to us.
30 Dec ’11

Funky lean flare #POTD

First POTD done with my new phone – A Samsung Galaxy S2
29 Dec ’11

My dad by the river.#POTD

Spent the day wit my folks today. It was wonderful.
25 Dec ’11

Merry Christmas #POTD

This Christmas we are having a massive family for our friends at oaktree.
19 Dec ’11

#POTD WordPress for Android

 Yay new WordPress for Android.
7 Dec ’11

#POTD such a familiar sight

5 Dec ’11

#POTD editing

3 Dec ’11

I’m selling my B17 Frame

I’m selling my B17 frame. Since I bought the GED frame this year and built it up the B17 frame has been sat in the corner […]