27 Nov ’11

#POTD on our way to church.

19 Nov ’11

Glenys’ birthday party..#POTD

19 Nov ’11

Good Hair

This is a photo of me about 7/8 years ago with a great friedn giving me a smacker on the cheek. This photo represents what I […]
15 Nov ’11

Autumn to winter making it’s presence felt.#POTD

14 Nov ’11

My Roast Veg Soup.#POTD

We cooked some roasted vegetable surprise the other eve and I made a soup with the excess. Parsnips, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, red peppers and butternut […]
13 Nov ’11

Clothes pegs.#POTD

12 Nov ’11

View from the loo.#POTD

Just spent 2 hours cleaning our bathroom.
4 Nov ’11

fireworks night.#POTD

2 Nov ’11

Studio today.#POTD