20 Jun ’11

Down the Burning Ropes Remix

18 Jun ’11

Why are fixies so popular?

Just watched this vid on Vimeo after watching a few different fixie vids and I’m left with a very genuine question. I ask this question not […]
17 Jun ’11

Googlers! #POTD

Today we had an team of amazing Google Developers come in to give their time and advice on a project we are developing at work. They […]
16 Jun ’11

1.7f Lets get more creative! #POTD #4000thPost

Photo Of The Day has been going on for over a year now but the last 3/4 months I lost the discipline which has not helped. […]
12 Jun ’11

Seeing #POTD

This week I have mostly been opening my eyes to the sad state of the way our world works. Do more…
11 Jun ’11

Put food here #POTD

Been working really hard today and am now hungry.
11 Jun ’11

Skate POV

10 Jun ’11


It’s that time of year again and I’ve just booked the car in for it’s M.O.T. with the garage down the road from Tearfund. The car […]
9 Jun ’11

Beautiful Timelapse Clouds