7 Jun ’11

Lunch cake. POTD

6 Jun ’11

New Theme

I threw this theme together using the Toolbox theme by Automattic. The main thing about this theme is the background. So far in Firefox and Chrome […]
6 Jun ’11

Billy Potato

6 Jun ’11


6 Jun ’11

Coke can. #POTD

5 Jun ’11

Dead boat. POTD

We had a short walk across the bridge in Teignmouth this morning. Nice!
4 Jun ’11

Weddings @StevenBuckley POTD

3 Jun ’11

Roadtrip #POTD

On our yat to Steven and Ele’s wedding with the Bishops. Woop Woop
1 Jun ’11

One year of “Photo of the day” – POTD

So it’s been over a year since I took on my self-imposed Photo of the day challenge and it’s been brilliant. I didn’t quite make it […]