8 May ’11

Peeking again, POTD

7 May ’11

Danny & Olivia’s wedding. POTD

5 May ’11

Pillar POTD

5 May ’11

AV, it’s like deciding what Pub to go to…

Whatever you do, DO do it! Make sure you go and vote today. AV explained through Pub culture:  
4 May ’11

Naked frame. POTD

With the new frame arriving any day now, I stripped down the B17 when I got home from work and it only took about 40 mins. […]
3 May ’11

Fluorescent Casing POTD

2 May ’11


Found this in the box I picked up from my sisters garage! Feel the power!
30 Apr ’11

And this is where we walked. POTD

30 Apr ’11

Walkin wit ma Wifey. POTD