19 May ’11

Regeneration POTD

18 May ’11


That’s the number of women that are raped each hour in the Dominican Republic of Congo. We heard more about the DRC this morning at staff […]
17 May ’11

The fruit of my labour. POTD

15 May ’11

First injury on new ride POTD

Attempting my first mini drop-off on the new bike my trainer decided to go on a different journey that didn’t include me thus encourging my shin […]
15 May ’11

Best Xylaphone ever!

13 May ’11

Mmm, Chilli POTD

12 May ’11

Sleep beckons POTD

12 May ’11

Living The Dream

This is a film I made at Tearfund for the launch of our Living The Dream Blog.  
10 May ’11

The new ride – POTD

Still got stuff to sort on it but the initial play on the street outside is that it’ll be fun fun fun. Chain line is way […]