5 Apr ’11

Trip Update

Wow, This place is … thought-provoking! This trip has been quite mind bender. I’ve never really witnessed such poverty on the scale that ive been witnessing […]
3 Apr ’11

A late Combodian – POTD

These are screen grabs from the Cambodia trip, expect these to be date augmented to fit the blog proper!
3 Apr ’11

Cambodian Highway – POTD

On our way to a Project about 6km outside PoiPet
30 Mar ’11

Team days. POTD

We are working hard as a team to get everything done. Have a photo of my pen and pad.
30 Mar ’11

Cambodia Prep

As part of my prep for the Cambodia trip it was recommended to me by a colleague to watch this film – putting it here so […]
27 Mar ’11


25 Mar ’11

Fajita Time! POTD

Wifey asked me to cook dinner and left the kitchen like this! Brilliant!
23 Mar ’11


21 Mar ’11

Some Great Entertaining Campaigns

              This one’s an ouch