6 Feb ’11

Purple Water – POTD

Not that I’ve ever seen blood pouring down steps or anything, let alone purple blood – but this shot made me think that. Actually it was […]
5 Feb ’11

POTD – intent Wifey

4 Feb ’11

Lonesome – P.O.T.D.

I love lone objects! I love when an object is out of place and feels desolate. Maybe its the loner I used to be identifying with […]
3 Feb ’11

Steps – P.O.T.D.

2 Feb ’11

Baby Monkey, Riding on a Pig

You know when you see something so amazing that you wish you had created it yourself? This is the most EPIC film you will watch this […]
1 Feb ’11

Photo of the Day – Threadless

1 Feb ’11

That’s my heritage right there – Donkey Derby

Yup, this video is the “Castletown Donkey Derby 1994. I assure you that it is merely coincidental that this was the same year that I moved […]
31 Jan ’11

Photo of the day.

This was an easy one. Sunsets always are. The only tricky thing was shooting it through glass. Simples.
31 Jan ’11

Ten Years with Orange

This morning I received the above text message. Wow… I’m speechless. I’m struggling with how to react. I decided to read the terms which made me […]