WOW Intense!

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This is probably the best film i’ve seen with a message discouraging people from a certain behaviour while driving….

The video was done with local actors by the Gwent police department, to be shown in area schools as part of a 30-minute deterrent movie about “texting while driving.” It’s effective, violent and bloody. That’s probably the point


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Where do i put my photos?

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I’m struggling with how bets tomanage photos and video i take and where to put them i.e. where to store them on-line. The choices are:

  • My Website
  • Photobucket
  • facebook
  • posterous
  • twitpic

Each of these have their own limitations and conmsequences.

My Website, has the limitations of not being able to upload many large sized photos. This is a major pain as uploadingasimple gallery is always….hicupful. Ideally i’d just like to upload high res images to my site and for them then to be published to other places automtically from there.

Online accounts all have the same issues – Does anyone remembr GeoCities? that was a website ervice that died and went away. I am looking for a solution that will never go away. i.e. I dont wanna use a web based service only to finfd that in 10 yeas the company folds and my images die alongside it.

Posterous is great except that it is still a young company and it wont post images on to MY site – it will only display them on my site. It will push tem to facbook adn flickr and the like but not o my own website.

Hmmmmmm what to do….

One more night of lorries

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I craaaaaaaave a good nights sleep. Where we are camped is right beside the road. We are literally about 10 feet from the road – with a small hedge complete with hedge hogs between us which does nothing for blocking out the sound but the rumble is also a contributing factor.

Longitude of Florence

I want sleep

New Era of Film Technology

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This is a geek-out entry but i want to record my thoughts more for my own benefit than for others.

In the industry we are all used to Shoulder mounted cameras  been flung around by film crews. We are even familiar with smaller medium sized cameras being used in creative ways.

OSU Spring Game 2006: Media LineupCanon HV30 Podcast Camera #1

One of the problems has always been the cost of Cameras and lenses. In order to get a broadcast worth system you would be looking to spend about £15-25k on a camera then another £10-30k on a lens or multiple lenses. That’s a hefty £25 – £55k for one camera which is silly money. For a company like Tandem Creative (the company i work for) this becomes a major issue. How can we keep up with technology ad make some money to pay ourselves?

With the arrival of HD we are in the process of figuring out what the best solutions would be for us. Should we go for something like the Sony EX3 or a Panasonic P2 solution

In the beginning  025Camera Lake

A lot of these questions have been asked over the past year but then out of nowhere came the solution i want to go for. I give you the Canon 5D Mark II. Yes it’s a Digital SLR but it does video. So why is this so good?

Well combine the benefits of SLR lenses, the massive chip inside th sensor and the fact that you needed spend £50k to get a rig that will enable you to shoot beautiful video.

Canon Eos 5D Mark II

Below are some samples of stuff shot on the Canon 5D Mark II – I’ll let the footage speak for itself.

[vimeo width=”590″ height=”250″][/vimeo] [vimeo][/vimeo] [vimeo][/vimeo] [vimeo][/vimeo]