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I work with timelapse material alot. Our company specialise in it. Even still i love coming across other peoples work when they have createdsomething truley beautiful. This video is one such video:

Still Owowowowowow

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I woke up this morning  – correction,  decided i wasn’t going to get any serious sleep – an realised that through the night a col had developed and my neck had not righted itself. So I still have a dodgy neck and am unable to look left without searing agony shooting through my neck, back and arm! Woo Yay Me!

I went out to the bog, came bck in and Ruth placed a card on my pillow!

Happy Valentines day!

Oh dear!

It’s not that i completely forgot – its just that yesterday i was  overwhelmed by pain which made me not remember. So i told Ruth I needed to do something – I needed to make us a cup of tea. I then also warned her that this tea might take quite a while. I threw on some clothes – and legged it out. I got the works – Flowers, wine chocolate and as always a most perfectly appropriate card. When I got back I aapologize for the fact that the kettle was taking so long – this was about 45mins after iu jad left her in bed. I also had to explain that it as exceptionally col in the kitchen which was why i was wering my hat, clothes, gloves and jacket.

She was delighted even if it was a last minute effort. – Man I love this woman so much!


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This morning while putting on a t-shirt i managed to strain my neck somehow and its been getting worse all day. OW OW OW. I’ve strained my neck or had a crick in my neck many times befre – this sems silly in comparrisson.

The only comfoatable position is tilting my head to the right. It has been getting progressivley worse throughout the day.

A fold up bike – a cool one! – No really!

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I’ve always found fold up bikes to be really an eyesore. They have no style and have always seemed to be function over syle. Thse ones however are tres cool. The guy who designd these can be found here:

Impressive Stop Motion

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This guy has waaaaay too much time on his hand but this is truly impressive.

In order to do this with even one charachetr let alone  more than one and with difrent expressions, costumes, lighting and props! Watch it: Incredible:


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I find myself a little perplexed at the idea that people dont like snow! I’vebeen hearing so much on the radio about people moaning about it! Man – Chill Out – and yes Pun intended.

Have some photos of the snow:

The Weather

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While I’ve been loving this weather I am now faced with he challenge of trying to figure out whether or not I am going to get trapped at work or not. I made it it fine but as I drove up the M1 the weather and rode conditions got steadily worse. Hemel is a massive ice rink!

Jevan has found out that its gonnab impossible for him to get a train home so i will give him a lift bac down to London. BUT the question is will it snow again or do e needto go sooner rather than later and risk getting trapped here!

I really dont like te iea of that especially seeing as ##Wifey is ill!

I am also a little concerned as to just hpw much work i’ll get done at home.

taking shape

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After the sucessof the oaktree site I am trying to redo this site now too.

It’s pushing my limitations of php/html coding but its great and i am happy with resuklts so far.

The most dificult bit wll be skinning the whole thing to something suitable….


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I Just rebuilt the whole database from scratch using xml and that. – This site should now be workin proper!

Was thinking about what i was doin last year….no in 05?


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oh how i bled for this particular piece of art...

a bit stressed tpoday and last wee -must chiiiiiiiill

In the mean time – for an itensive monitor tidyup – TRY THIS: