4 Jan ’11

photo of the day

2 Jan ’11

Photo of the day.

Christmas tree in the parents house. Love it. Tweaked in photoshop express on my HTC Desire. Seems the exif data is being killed by PhotoShop though […]
2 Jan ’11

A picture paints a thousand words…

This was taken on New Years eve in 2005/6 in the Czech Republic. We were with a great group of people and this girl, who’s name […]
1 Jan ’11

1/1/11, 11:11pm time check!

ooooooh again!
1 Jan ’11

Boxing Day – Gallery

I love Boxing day cause its Ruth’s birthday. My fav part of her birthday is giving her birthday presents. I love her so much. She’s great […]
1 Jan ’11

Christmas Day – Gallery

Another wonderful Christmas day. It was a proper White Christmas. Best bits included: Roast Duck for dinner – Shirley surpassed herself with an awesomely amazing roast […]
1 Jan ’11

Christmas Eve – Gallery

This year we spent Christmas with Shirley & David.Thankfully the roads had cleared and we were able to drive down to Devon to spend it with […]
1 Jan ’11

1/1/11, 1:11pm time check!

31 Dec ’10

Summary of 2010

In 2010 I wrote 1792 posts and added 7 pages to this blog, with 588 attachments in total. The number of posts in each month: January: […]