Sonic Boom

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This is truly amazing.

amazingThe quick lens of U.S. Navy sonar technician Ronald Dejarnett was able to capture this Air Force F-22 going supersonic over the Gulf of Alaska as the pilot did his best Top Gun flyby impression –(US NAVY)

Trying things out with desktop bloggin yo

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This is an effort to see whether i can diversify, even more, the way in which i write blogs.

I really need to ort out how all this works as its all getting a lil complicated now.

I have my facebook, twitter this site , posterous accounts all talking to each other then there’s my YouTube, vimeo, photobucket and what not sites. I need tio figure out the hierarchy of what tells what to do what so that I can post something on anyone of them once and it should update the rest of them all on one go.

At least that is the plan.

ruru stuff on head

This image is t test this live writer thingymajigy

why the multi posting?

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I’ve  been lookiong out for a sysstem that will easily post my blogs, tweets photos and videos  to all the relevant reas and all in one go – I present you:

Ok so actually i have to give the credit to John over at Human3rror / Chruch Crunch for finding this. So far it looks like a very very cool tool. I do already have everything linked but this looks like it will simplify it all down. Yay to technology!