1 Jan ’11

Boxing Day – Gallery

I love Boxing day cause its Ruth’s birthday. My fav part of her birthday is giving her birthday presents. I love her so much. She’s great […]
1 Jan ’11

Christmas Day – Gallery

Another wonderful Christmas day. It was a proper White Christmas. Best bits included: Roast Duck for dinner – Shirley surpassed herself with an awesomely amazing roast […]
1 Jan ’11

Christmas Eve – Gallery

This year we spent Christmas with Shirley & David.Thankfully the roads had cleared and we were able to drive down to Devon to spend it with […]
1 Jan ’11

1/1/11, 1:11pm time check!

31 Dec ’10

Summary of 2010

In 2010 I wrote 1792 posts and added 7 pages to this blog, with 588 attachments in total. The number of posts in each month: January: […]
31 Dec ’10

Photo of the day

This is one of my favourite places on earth. Killiney Beach, Dublin, Ireland. I’ve walked down here so many times as a boy and its so […]
31 Dec ’10

Life Cycles Trailer

thanks to churchcreate for the link.
31 Dec ’10

Boston Post: Christmas across the globe

Click the pic for gallery
29 Dec ’10

Photo of the day.

Home in Dublin for New Years and Mom cooked a roast which, when carved, looked like this.