Fun fun fungal at the Robinson’s

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Ok so maybe more bacterial than fungal but there you go. I Have strep throat and Glandular Fever. WEYHEY! Its loooadsa fun – well about as much fun as headbutting a cactus.

I am not off work but I am under instruction to take it easy. This weekend was a bit of a washout with feeling run-down and crap and ill and generally horrible. Poor Ruth has had to put up with my yuckness. We really are testing the “in sickness & in health” part of our vows right now.

We did however buy a TV table ( – the a**eholes, screwed us out pf the free table that was supposed to comewith the TV) and we bought our Tent.

That is all – i must work now.

Busy and dat – again.

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I was quite fearful of starting a full time position back in Jan. I was thinking it would be too much but its cool. While i am very very busy and rarely have time to procrastinate it means my mind is being used properly now. I am getting an enormous amount of job satisfaction although i is eating into my personal time somewhat.

When i think about meeting friends after work i am almost instantly put off. Not cause they are boring retards – wll, maybe some of em, but no its cause i am always so tired when i get back from work. Maybe it’s cause of the hour commute each way, i dunno but it tends to rule out weekday meetings but then that makes weekends pressured to fit everyone in.

Wowhow life has changed! – Ruth had an idea the other day to do with my repeditive illnesses. Seeing as i am out and about and n longer living like a hermit as i was when i was a freelancer, maybe i am exposing myslef to more germs.

I finally went and signed up with a GP. This morning for the first time in over 10 years i saw the quakc.-  and it didnt hurt all that much either.

we are sick

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together, my wife and I (i still love saying that, are ill. we have the sickness – uuuugfh

being sick together takes the edge off.

Married and that

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I´m married to a beautiful caring woman and it ROCKS! Guys, I´m speaking to all you single men out there, – Get yaself a wife´- they are quite cool.

3 Days

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I get married in 3 days! Wow! I’ve not veen writing much dude to the fact that i have been sooo busy with work and planning the wedding. It really is exhausting to be honest. The last few weeks have been so mainc. I aint had time to scratch my own rear end let alone see my friends or chill out. The only person who’s gotten time with me is my lovely Ruth.

Anyway – I dont mean to moan about it. Its amazing – WOW – I’M GETTING MARRIED IN THREE DAYS! WOHOOOOOOOO.

Life is just a huge ball of personal evolution right now. Yay.

Now I know what busy means

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Man this is a huge adjustment buts its all good. I am now in week 2 of work and am enjoying it. I am really busy with it. Man I had it wasy before.

 Still finding my feet  so posts will be irregular innit.

AM lovin it though…

Whoa – Happy New Year

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Man, There is alot going on right now its mental!

I Have a New Job

Yeah its true! I am leaving the world of freelancing and am going to go work for “the man. Well actually I’ll be working for a company called Tandem TV. Its a really great small company in hemel hempstead. Its gonna be strange getting used to it. An hour commute there and back. 9-5 hours. not being my own boss. It’ll be a bit of an adjustment but I’m really looking forward to it.


Wow – That was Christmas and New Year’s. This was my first Christmas away from my family. It was also my first Christmas with Ruth which more than made up for the missing my family bit. It was really strange experiencing Christmas in a different way. It’s not like it was hugely different but it was certainly different enough to make me take stock and appreciate how we used to do it my family. Its gonna be fun creating our own traditions and seeing which traditions we take on from each other’s families.


Lets see – I’ll jus highlight the main things shall i?

  1. Poker Set
  2. Die Hard 4.0 on DVD
  3. Casino Royal
  4. Wine Atlas – to aid my wine education
  5. A Hat
  6. Millionaire making cards
  7. a staple gun
  8. loooads of chocolate.

Altogether a great Haul.

Ruth’ Birthday

Ruth’s birthday was almost more fun than Christmas day itself. Her birthday is on Boxing day so you’ll understand why its easy to let excitement overflow from one day to the next. I woke rut with a cup of tea and the day was lovely. We had a gorgeous walk on Saunton Sands beach. The whole day was lovely.

New Year’s Eve

We did a Safari supper with a load of friends form church ending with a firework’s display by ME! So it started at one house with a starter course of all sorts of dips and nibbly type things and lots of wine and beer. From there we went on to our Vicars house for dinner where we had the main course. Kate had cooked up a chickeny stewy type amazingly tasty thing. Next we came back to my place where we had ice cream and lots of beer. The NewYear came in with champagne and it was amazing to be with my Wife to be. I do have to admit though that i was preoccupied with the fireworks. It was about 20/30 mins worth of fireworks. Not amzingly so though. I wasn’t as organized as i’d hoped but it was fun all the same and i only burnt myself once.


Today has been berserk. I had to go get my passport sorted for the new job. There’s alot of travel involved. It didnt help that the car got towed last night so i had to go sort that out too. So much running around sorting stuff is whats been happening.

I’ll try and get some photos up soon.

I found an Old tune i made…

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Back in the day I used to try and write some Drum & Bass tunes. JP and I would spend hours on these tracks but all of mine were…well….s**t basically. This track is probably the only tune that was every any good and that had potential. I wrote the music over a few days and then one night had a dream about the melody and on waking up the following morning i remembered it so i recorded it straight away.

Its rubbish and my singing is awful but the baseline is PHAT! BOOYAH!

This is the result.