How Ninja Are You?

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Production company are messing me around. Was bout to check out of the hotel when I get a call from the office saying I was due in the studio today – I was told before I had today off and had arranged to go up to Glasgow for thwe 2 days to my sisters place – EEJITS!

Life as a video wall engineer

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So I got the informa video sorted this morn and its on its way to the client – gotta do an invoice for it now. Looks like about £2500 – wohoo!

Life as a Video Wall Engineer aint as exciting as one might think. I have been bored out of my mind!! Basically every day I come in around 10-11am, Power up the screen and that’s pretty much it until the end of the day when I power it down at around 9:30/10pm. Yeah its a loooong day of doing nothing. As previously mentioned I had the Informa video to do but that has now finished and I am now at a loss. There is a web site that needs finishing but that might take a few days to get the info I need from the client. Otherwise I’m worried about going insane. Cant help but feel a lil guilty for sitting here doing nothing and getting paid for it!!!

The rest of the crew seem friendly enough but the shy guy I am has prevented me from, I dunno, I suppose its getting better and am starting to get to know them all a lil better now that I’ve been here for 5 days. Time will tell!

Oonagh is coming up to see her sis this weekend so will meet up with her on sat night then on Sunday and monday I have 2 days off so will go up to Glasgow and see my sis and the kids and Peter. Should be coolio!

In Manchester

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Got here on Sunday The drive up was pleasant eneough and quick. We rigged the Screen and that was that. The Hotel is bloody nice! Nice room and the bed is ace. Not really done much since I’ve been here. This work is very very dull indeed but its easy stuff so I shouldn’t complain. Not much happening so thats all really!

Here be some pics of the Studio:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Back from Manchester!!!!

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MAAAAAAN! Its September already!!! Time seems to be going by in the blink of an eye. Got back from Manchester yesterday. The job was very dull as we knew but the show itself was terrible! It was another 50 Greatest list but this time of Stars! Alan Titchmarsh was on the list – thats how bad it was! Was a good experience in preparation for my 3 weeks of The Price is Right.


I should be online but with a slow connection. The studio has no internet connection so am confined to using my phone as a modem. Should be a challenge!

Off to Manchester!!!!

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SO am off to Manchester tomorrow morning for my initial 3 day stint. Will be working on some show, not too sure what it is though. I get back on Thurs and then on Sunday I’m going up for 3 weeks to work on “The Price is Right”. Should be all good! Still got lots to sort out so I imagine Friday and Sat to be a bit Mental!

Hours in the day

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There just aint enough of them!!! I’m off to Manchester for 3 days on Tues and I need to get this corp video I’m working on done. Looks like i shall be relying on Tom to finish it off. Of course all this timing coincided with this weekend. This weekend was the when Davie came down from Edinburgh, Dara is over from Ireland and I was actually able to go out for once on a Friday night


So I met them in a pub in Soho where by this stage I had already drank a couple of bottles of Magners which got me a lil nicely relaxed. When I got there there was a pint waiting, this was followed by a few more than a trip to a chinese for some SAKE! From here we went onto the Metro club on Oxford street and drank copious amounts of silly cheap vodka. – Was a wicked night!!!


Woke up this morning feeling not too bad at all actually – it was 3 hours later when the hangover kicked in and I was working away too which brings me back to where I am now. Working! I’ve spent from 11am this morn till now (23:58) in front of this machine and i feel a bit poo! Tomorrow will hopefully get the last stages done!


Found this and it made me laugh: KUNG FU BABY


Friday nights are for…I cant remember anymore

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It’s Friday night and I’m at home working. I did watch the Big Brother final. Anyway thats not the point – ok like on many occassions I dont know what the point is – Oh yes thats it. I realise I have forgotten whats its like to go out on a regular friday night. I know my kind of work means that I dont follow a regular 9-5 mondau to friday routine but still – i did used to enjoy goihg out on a friday.

Been working on a new site for Phooey Television. Its comming on welll but having a tech difficultie with the Videos page. Need help! yar!

Another crappie nights sleep

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Head goes down,

Body pines for sleep,

the core of my soul aches for the sweet taste of unconsciousness,

It’s brain that’s the problem,

buzzing and buzzing,

meeting in the morning,

must be up in time for it,

must pay that bill,

must pay that other bill,

can I get that site done so I can get paid,

will I have enough cash for Manchester,


I feel so tired,

Brain – you are a bastard,



nothing – like the space between the header and main content section,

I think I’ll make it blue,

like the Informa video,

must be up in time for the meeting,

so tired,


been lying here for 2 hours now,

God I wanna sleep,

I just want a good nights sleep,

Got to sort out my phone bill,

gotta call some people,

oh lovely,

falling asleep now,


sweet sweet sleep,


fully awake again now,


repeat the above for 4 hours till eventually brain is idle,


alarm goes off an hour later!!!



Cant bloody sleep….

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! I cant sleep. Realising I am a seriously stressed out MOFO! How the fudge di i ever allow myself to get into such a screweed up situation????? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGH! If any compassionate random rich people out there wanna give me some money then please do – you’ll find the D O N A T E button down on the right hand side.

American girls are more fun…

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Yeah it’s true you know. From my experience with American women they do seem to be alot more fun. I guess it comes from not living in the UK. Lets face it I am not going to fulfill my parents dreams of settling down with a nice Irish catholic girl – I don’t discount that completely but it really aint likely! The other more realistic option is ending up with a girl from the UK – this is far more likely if not far more probable. However – of the american girls I have encountered they have all seemed far far far more liberally minded and generally just more relaxed and easy going. I aint sayin that all UK girls are stuck up – far from it! Maybe its just a case of the fantasy thats involved with girlies from far off lands and the fact that moving to the States would be a very cool thing in my opinion. Obviously the big pain in the a**e is the Geography – I mean lets face it I’m not exactly in a position to be dating anyone at the minute with the financial catastrophe I’m experiencing.

Allow me to reinforce the ideal that I am not against english girls by any means. I guess all this has come from chatting to various ladies on the interweb (God I’ve turned in to such a f**kin geek) and my experiences have been quite varied!

In other news….oh there is none, yes my dull depressing existence has born no fruit!

Nacho Libre

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Went to see “Nacho Libre”, the new Jack Black movie last night. It was quite good. Dunno quite what to say about it. It was quite amusing but only obtained 2/3 good belly laughs the rest was just a load of amusing anecdotal stuff. Jack Black executed his character very well and really did bring to life small town Mexico but the whole thing just was not as funny as I was expecting. If I was to compare it to another movie I’d say its like Napoleon Dynamite. That movie was funny but warranted few belly laughs and left me a lil perplexed but the characters were all very identifiable. On that note I give you the best scene from Napoleon Dynamite:


On another note – Was having probs with my main machine yesterday. I think its finally packing it in after the abuse its been given over the past 6 months. Time to rebuild it.