Anti Climax…

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The inevitable anti climax has hit home….

Had a really great New Year. Christmas was rubbish! – Christmas was rubbish mainly cause I was so busy. I worked on Xmas eve and on boxing day when I should have been chilling out with the Princess! I got the day after Boxing day sort of – well we had our second xmas with all our friends in the flat here for dinner and it was really good. The food was excellent and the company was fab and cause I was going away the following da I jus couldn’t work. I chilled for a bit in the eve with Jasmine but not enough.

That eve I went off down to Jimmer’s, got about 30mins sleep when we were woken by alarm clocks aplenty to get us up for our flight to Prague. Yes New Years Eve in the Czech Republic was on course. After 12 hours of travel we arrived in the town of Frydek Mistek in the very east of the country. On our way we couldn’t help but notice the vast amounts of snow. We were then faced with the worst snow the country had seen in over 10 years. – Just in time for uis to go to the small cabin in the mountains where we were to celebrate the new year… So after the Cabbie dropped us up there we had to push him some of the way up the hill cause the snow was soo bad and we were on a road that required snow chains and no…he didn’t have any. So after that we hiked up to the cabin through snow that was waist deep in places and just plain silly. Anyway – we got there and it was grand – Vodka flowed like river from a lake and we got totally pissed despite having to wear every item of clothing (which at one point included 5 pairs of socks, 1 pair of track suit bottoms, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair combats, 2 thermal shirts, 3 t-shirts, 1 sweater, 1 fleece top, 2 scarves and 2 hats.) because it was only -14 degrees C. It was really ace. If you click the snowy pic above it will bring you to the gallery.

Just trying to recover now. Still feelin the cabin fever but it should pass in a day or two so If I’m keepin a low profile this is why. Anyway – it’s all good!!

I’m off

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Off to Czech Republic now – Will be back in a few days.

I miss the Princess already

Had an ok Xmas – was working most of it so a bit pants but hey!

no time left

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Right so today tomorrow and Friday we were supposed to be doing work for David Gilmour of Pink Floyd only to get a call this morning saying they want it this afternoon – we have said we’ll have something in the morning for them. Cool that’s its pink Floyd – Crap that we have only a day to do it.

on another note the princess wrote this in the mesasge board and it made me laugh …

Name: Princess Jasmine
Subject: Daytime TV.
Sent: 20-Dec-2005 19:45

After having spent the day re-acquainting myself with daytime tv and infomercials, I have now decided that I too, want to grill with George Foreman this Christmas.

time is running away

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5 Days till Xmas and I gots sooo much to do. The above pics are what I’m working on – Rockers “Thunder” have us doing them a DVD in less than 2 weeks which should take 2 months.

Loooong weekend

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I been busy this weekend. Friday eve I was working and kept working till v late till my wonder woman got back from being out. Sat I worked most of the day untill the princess came round and i cooked her dinner. Today was spent mostly rebuilding Tom’s PC as it was going plop. Still working now – jus havin a break.

HEY HEY DENEEEEEEEEEEEESHASHASHASHAAAAAAAAA As you are now one of my regular visitors I’ll pay you a special hello so Hello!!!!! oh and when u post a message you only need to click the submit button once!!!

LAzy cause there be a few logs that aint gots a supporting image. Tings look nice with an image….


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Those of you who know me well will know that one of my biggest gripes is bad customer service. – I just been down Oxford Street shopping and every store I was is was s**t! All staff these days seem to be a right bunch of lazy idiots. Any time I wanted to ask a member of staff where summat might be i was treated as if it were a huge inconvenience to them – Its your job!!!!! – Its not like I’m requesting a cup of tea and a colonic, no I just want a simple question answered! why oh why????

OK it’s not funny now.

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So its late again and I have missed out on 2 wicked events this eve. Firstly the Princess offered me a spare Fugee’s ticket but due to this project I’m working on with my bro I had to decline. I jus got off the phone with her and she said it was really really excellent. DOH!

Next, Bob offered me a free ticket to go see Coldplay this afternoon for this eve’s gig. The Verve were supporting…..did I mention it was free? Anyway, Bob got back a while ago pissed as a skunk and told me that gig was also excellent. DOUBLE DOH!

Now you may well ask – would that not have been a difficult choice? – Nah not really. Fugees would have won and they had the added bonus that I would have had an eve out with my gorgeous girlfriend so there you go.

Seeing as I am kind of on a rant – I need clients to pay me what I’m owed! I am so broke it aint funny. I’m getting worried bout Christmas. At the rate it’s going I am not gonna be having one and I don’t like that. TRIPLE DOH!

Is Oil more important than laughs?

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Richard Pryor 1940 – 2005 – R.I.P.


A frustrating day! -Not got much done and bouncing around diff projects. Trying to capture stuff – not working, trying to render stuff – not working, its all fudging s**te!

Anywhooo – The wonderful Princess asked me very nicely to post a link up here and on having checked it out I thought it quite amusing so here u go, go kill some time:


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Jus heard some of the best news I’ve herd in a while. James and Veronika got engaged today. Wohoooo!!! It was only a month ago I was commenting to Jimmer on how much I liked Veri cause she was so good for him. It’s so great to hear that one of my best friends is getting married. I am sooooo happy for both of them! This means there are gonna be 2 trips to the Czech Republic this year. They planning to get married in the summer. None of this long engagement rubbish.

Everyone please raise your glasses!!!

in Marky news… Had a great night out last night. Went out with My brother for his Birthday and had a wicked night. Met up with alot of Mexicans, Spaniards and some Brazilians. Went to see a band at the Walkabout in Da Bush!. The band were incredible the people were cool and I spen alot of money. All good baby all good!



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Do you ever feel like parts of your life are too good to be true. I am a lucky guy. I’ve got summat in my life that is really good and its precious to me…..

so…..tired…..& Happy B-Day Bro

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It’s now 6am on fri morning. Been up all night rendering this stuff for this DVD. Been taking sooooo long and I am sooo tired.


Happy Birfday Bro

It’s Tom’s birthday today so big up yaself me bro. He’s a good big brother and I love the guy to bits!

Just had a really really stressful day. Been working at Tom’s place doing a really dull conference edit and so cabin fever set in and had some other stuff to think about too. Worry, fear stress, anxious, disappointment are just a few of the things I have experienced today….. and now I’ve run out of cigarettes. AAAAAAARGH!


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Doing a conference edit today and its very dull. Met my Princess for lunch which was lovely. that is all.

I spit in ur face spywares

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think you can knock a man like me down? HA HA HA HA HA – was only down for half a day you cretins!!!


My tinterweb machine was infected by a nasty nasty NASTY virus last night. Have to rebuild the whole thing. GRRRR!

Got 2 big projects on now so it’s gonna be busy busy busy.