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Some a**ehole stole my moped!!!!!


most of you know I rarely swear on this site but i think i am justified today. The worst part is that I only had Third Party Insurance! – Bugger!



I gotta do a load of maintenance on this site. Have realised that will probably have to get rid of all the blog pics in the archived blog. There are simply too many of them. Also I am trying to find a free PHP Blog application that works under MS SQL as the server wont allow MySql but already has MS SQL – there be a changes goin on.


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I never really got the whole halloween thing. I suppose comming from a very religious family who frowned upon celebratunbg essentially a pagan festival was the main reason.

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Twas a good weekend. Was Bob’s Birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!! Bob and I went to the Metro on Friday night then later went to pick up Davey form Kings Cross who travelled down from Edinburgh. Sat was quiet but I did watch Dogma – such a cool movie. Sunday we had a pub dinner in honour of Bobby himself and we all got very pissed. The burley scots man above managed to lock us out of the house forcing bob to break in, put a bigger crack in our front door and take down half our front wall. A good night it was!!

Unfortunately I missed my God Daughter Lucy’s first birthday. I was due to travel to Glasgow but work dictated otherwise.

Roll on New Years

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So New Years Eve is planned and booked. On the 28th Jimmer, Benny and I fly to the Czech Republic to bring in the new year with Veronika’s mates and family. Also the Czech contingent who made an appearance at my birthday will also be there.

We travel to Gatwick then fly and train it and I have the feeling that I’ll be on a staple diet of Vodka and no sleep for the duration of the 5 day break. – My liver is already squirming at the thought of it. It’s gonna be ACE!!!!

In other tings – I am feeling really stressed out. On thurs am due to fly to Glasgow for my God Daughters first birthday. However I have the tongue stuff to finish. Some Tesco work and am due in Ministry on Wed & Thurs – yup Thurs is double booked. At the same time Tongue have brouaght in another Editor. Although they make out y position is safe I cant see how they can afford this and that I wont loose work from them. I need to get some more work that pays well!!!

What if????

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Playing around again with the morphing software I bought and I remember seeing 2 photos in one of the galleries. My Dad and my niece Naomi. he he! strange similarities!!!

oh my dear lord

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Today i turned 27………. I feel old

Had a wicked party last night – will be doing a gallery and video of all the pics and vids.

Big Thankyou to DJ Funky!!!

Brrrrr s’cold

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It was like stepping into a fridge when I went to get milk this morning. The weather is gettin cold! no more waltzing around in t-shirts.!

On another note it’s my birthday on Sunday 9th and we havin a party on SAT 8TH so if you’ve not been invited send me an email or bell me.

I been busy!!! 

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Ive been a very busy boy. Over the weekend I redesigned the Mediachill site. It is finally looking good and Tom and I are both very pleased. There are still a few glitches buit on the whole its ace.


Then to go a step further I came up with a concept for a new site. Its a way to take out your anger on others through humiliation.


Oh sometimes ya gots to be cruel!!!


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Give me some money please now!!!! – Getting a bit annoyed now as Ministry still have not paid me.


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FED UP! I need to buy a Mac and get Final Cut Pro. The problem is that a G5 Mac will cost about £2k plus. – That kind of cash I don’t have. I MUST get on the FCP bandwagon in order to open up more avenues of work for myself. Sooooo I’ve added a wishlist. If you are loaded and wanna buy me summat look at the list and get in touch!!! – Do I really think that would happen? – No but I’m willing to try anything.

Will it ever end????

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Another day working on the stuff for Tongue and seeing as I had a bit of a break over the weekend it was not as tedious as last week. It’s all good though – I’ll finish up the project this week and it will all end then.

I have a meeting tomorrow with another company in town to try and get some work from them. They asked me if I had a showreel so I tried to to one but I aint happy with the result. I’ve also got a meeting with a woman interested in the showreels I’ve done so I mainly incorporated them. I’ve tried doing this about 6/7 times before and I just cant do it. I’ve done so many reels for others you’d think my own would be a piece of piss but its the hardest one ever.

That’s what weekends are for…

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I feel soooo hung-over it aint funny!! – Had a wicked night down in Kingston with Jimmer. Veri was there and Le Frog even came down which was excellent. A lot of alcohol was consumed and then a greasy burger night. oh yes but now i do suffer. I made a wee vid of the night from the stuff i got on my wee camera: WARNING – LOYS OF SWEARING


I may be going crazy

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I feel like I am going out of my mind. Today was another loooooong day working on the stuff for Another Tongue and its so painful to work on. With that and the worry of work and the lack of cash and the lack of woman I am going mental. Feeling very frustrated. To top it off – this eve I was soooo bored. No where to go nowt to do so to stifle this I picked up the camera and started playing and I produced a video.BZ3388exoO8

This video quite accurately sums up how i feel at this time in life!!!