A decision has been made….

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Have been working for some weeks now on a huge project for Another Tongue that is proving to be really tedious. It’s mind numbing and going painfully slow. Feel like I’m going out of my mind – I need to get out and do summat. Need to party. Need to get jiggy. I have a craving for summat and I dunno what it is. AAAARGH. I really need a holiday!

It has been decided! – I’m gonna shave the beard off!!!! Bob will help me in documenting the experience so as to add more drama to a relatively dramaless activity. So watch out for the bumchin returns!!!!


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I just wrote this whole entry, read it and then realised what a load of carp it was so decided to re-write it. It was a huge rant and moan and you don’t need to hear any of that s**t! Sometimes ya need to write that stuff down so it clears ya own head then its easier to deal with.

On a lighter note, was thinking of the girl who was complimenting me at the party – Its a real shame. She’s a very foxy lady but the boyfriend is a real inconvenience. I reckon I could have a lot of fun with her. – Oh well!

Hey aint he handsome!!!

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Over the weekend a lovely lady showered me with compliments and thought I was a beautiful man!! – Thank you! – It’s always nice to hear that. Now there is a point to this. She did suggest I loose my beard not because of the look – Generally the look is liked but it’s the feel. Now here’s the thing. Alot of my female acquaintances have also suggested this in the past. Now I know I did this before and i asked what people though of me shaving me beard off. I did it and did a poll for the general public to vote on but After going through with it My Girlfriend at the time was freaked out by it so I grew it back. – Now I am a single man so am considering it again. – Hey it aint every day I get a gorgeous girl complimenting me – Does this make me weak?

Party Party 127

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Had a wicked party last night – Feel very very VERY hung-over – was all good though Clicky piccie to see for yaself.

(Gallery has been lost)

long exposures

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At 3am realising sleep just really didn’t want to come to bed with me I decided to get up and play with my camera. – I wanted to see what it was like with film speed settings so I sat at the window and waited – Some nice results though.

Meena B-day

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Well Its been a nice weekend. The highlight of which was Meena’s Birthday last night. Got to meet a load of Meena’s friends which was great. The jorney there was made colourful by bobbius maximus constantly calling me “C@#K Boy” and the general homo loving we were giving each other on the packed out bus. – Oh Yes The good times return.

Met Meena’s Mom and Dad and spoke with her mom a lot – she’s quite cool and now Bob and I need a leader board as to whom she prefers. – Bob will say its him but everyone obviously knows he is wrong. Click the sunflower for a gallery of the party.

Finally got round to tidying my room – The next stage is to re wire all the kit and PC. – Its a damn mess so it needs sorting but when its done I’ll be a happy boy.

Summer Over?

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The kids have gone back to school, We’ve had the August Bank Holiday which was gorgeously hot. It’s getting dark at 8:30 in the eve. Does this mean that summer is actually really now over??? I’m hoping we get another good and hot September.

I’m also hoping for a very productful September. I need to get lots of work in and lots of new clients. It should, no will be a great month.


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Woo Yay, Bob is back!!! Bob got back from Brazil on friday and has partially moved in. He’d gone to edinburger to sort a few things and then will move in proper on Thurs. – New boy Rob also moved in on sat. I’ve sent out an email; about the party we having on the 10th of Sept so anyone who aint got it email me and I’ll sort it.

Went and met Veronika and James for a few down in teddington on Sunday. – Marvellous.


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I was checking my bank statments online today and noticed sommat that made me laugh hard. Its the reference bob added when he paid his rent into my acc


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I have been stressed out as of late. Life is…..difficult at the mo. Not bothered with nowt!

My parents just left. They popped round to drop off the windscreen ot my ped and they stayed for a cup of tea and we ended up chatting for hours. Was cool – My parents rock!!

Bob is back from South America on Friday so will be moving in next week as will Rob the NEW BOOOOOOY!!! So with September comes change and it’s all good.


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I have been scorn by bob for short entries. Sorry – jus not got much to say these days!!!

Sisters Flemming

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Had a good night last night with the Sisters Flemming. I met them at Leister Square and after taking the scenic route down to Covent Garden we decided on an Italian restaurant. After this we walked down to the river, crossed the river by Waterloo bridge and strolled down the Southbank. We went into some arcade place and both the ladies crucified me at bowling. I put that down to the fact I was being a gentleman and let them win – ahem. Next we did the best part of the eve – something I aint done in years – We went on the dodgems – HARSH!! m- Thems girlies are brutal. they seemed to have ot dialled in hitting me side on which is the worst. It was so much fun, I’d forgotten how much fun that used to be. – After this I came home. A nice pleasant eve with the foxy sisters.