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I’ve re done the video page!!! You should now find it to the left under the links!

OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OOOOOOW – I hurt all down my left side today as a result of yesterdays dual carriageway catapultation. Generally I feel quite poo and sore!

Evil Kinevil

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I am “Evil Kinevil”!!!! I had my first bike crash on the Moped on my way into work. This complete idiot decided to swap lanes without looking or indicating, I was forced to slam on my brakes and the front when decided it would be “fun” to loose all traction thus sending the bike sliding and me rolling down the A4. I was very VERY VERY lucky.

There was very lil damage and when I realised i was still alive and could mover everything I assessed my situation. Here was I sitting in the middle of the A4 with my back to the traffic looking first at my ped lying across both lanes, then up the Hammersmith over pass then at the a**ehole who cut me up continuing up the overpass! The idiot probably completely oblivious to what he had just caused!!!!. I looked over my shoulder to see a queue of traffic quickly building up. The nice white van man jumped out of his tranni and asked if I was all ok and I was.

The ped is fine bar a smashed wing mirror, scratched up side and shattered number plate, My clothes are torn a bit and I have a bloody sore left elbow, left ankle, left hip, left shoulder and left hand. Yup I rolled left.

I guess this is a way of telling myself not to be over confident on the bike. I will be going slower in future.

servere pain

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Bloody Hell! This changing server stuff has been such a pain in the a**e! – Our hosting company has been very reliable but with this change they have not been helpful at all.! – This is the 4th time I have had to sort this page out and i keep loosing info. – I aint happy!


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This is pretty cool: This is from a gallery from Twinklydave. He and the Richyboyo went out for a long ride in some stupidly snowy conditions. Damn that looks bloody cold! It makes me hate London. As I said befor we get all the cold but no benefits from it like – HUGE SNOOOOOW.

oh dear!

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Ouch! Due to the massive worldwide interest in Gack Trek our hosting company is trying to sting us big time!!! We have a monthly bandwidth limit of 50GB. It has hit 190GB! They want to charge us $1400 – Uh I DON’T THINK SOOoOOO!!!!

We shall see, my bro is coming round and we will call them and sort it!


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So I’ve spent the last couple of days off sick feeling like – well like a sick person actually – Wanted to think of something big and clever there but alas I fail!

I’ve had a headache all eve and I think it may be down to the pic.

Gack Trek

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This cold is NASTYYYYYYY I hate being ill.

My brother and his mate Mark had some spare time on their hands and so decided to do a stoopid video. Having grown up in a family who religiously watched Star Trek, Tom decided to do a shortened DUBBED episode. It is bloody hilarious. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

To see the result click here: GACK TREK

WARNING: Its hilarious but has foul awful terrible language – parents avoid and if you in work keep the sound down!!!!

trolley rides

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So I went through Friday fine and then in the eve the cold came in force thus putting a real damper on my weekend but that did not stop me and the choomiester. We had both been complaining to each other that we were in grave dander of becoming boring farts doing the same thing every weekend so we went out for food but this time we played drinking games and both of us got trollied.

This didn’t stop the cold and right now I feel really quite poo. The good thing is that I am working from home today which makes things considerably easier


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A cold is developing within my body. I woke up this morn feeling a bit snivelling and now its getting worse. I deduce that wee colds are my body’s way of saying – Oi dumba**e! Take a rest. Probably true as this week the earliest I got to bed was 1:30 am. Needless to say I feel a bit pants.

Being avoided by bosses after asking for a pay rise – Good thing or bad thing? I had a meeting with them at the start of last week and they have avoided the subject since then.

designey and dat

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I’ve been really busy trying to develop some other web projects at the moment. Looking at setting up templates and hosting companies and domain registrars in an attempt to get my self started. It’s a pain in the a**e.!

At the same time I am realising I don’t like the new layout of this site and am thinking of changing it back to the original design.


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I have been really bored this week. – I have been faffing around a lot. I did sort out the Mac though which was ace. It now operates like a Mac should.

On another note: been looking at Matt’s pics on his site – I like that boys style


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Ok so a small business plan is forming in my mind. I need to sort out me s**t. Get some more cash flow and I was thinking of web pages. hmmmmm


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I started my new portfolio last night and so far its looking great. Previously I had been doing it as a DVD but I realised it is not a good medium for a portfolio as its a pain in the a**e to update. So I decided to go for an auto launching web on CDrom. All the movies and stuff I am creating as wmv’s and I will put media player 9 for Mac and pc on the disk itself too.

This lets me use high end graphics, keeping the site looking slick. I’ll be putting some screen shots up this eve. This weekend will be full of working on it. – might actually ride my bike this weekend.