4 Dec ’09

Thankful for Holidays

Holidays I don’t think anyone can say they are not grateful for holidays. And by “holidays” i mean when you get time off from the usual […]
3 Dec ’09


When one buys a new mac, one is compelled to use photobooth on the first sitting:
3 Dec ’09

Pure Editing Genius

This is hilarious – Thanks bobby for posting it. Warning – Strong Language
3 Dec ’09

Thankful for Computers

Computers There is no denying the fact that i am a full on Geek. I love techie stuff. I love how technology, for the most part, […]
3 Dec ’09

Ad Fail

2 Dec ’09

a london bridge

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2 Dec ’09

the cake selection for today.

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2 Dec ’09

Thankful for the Weather

the Weather Am being bold with this one What with all the floods that have been happening. I was lying in bed listening to the rain […]
2 Dec ’09

a sign