20 Jan ’10

OakTree – a week of 24/7 prayer

My church is doing a week of prayer in a couple of weeks involving a 24/7 round the clock shedule pray-off. This should be epic! Ruth […]
20 Jan ’10

Finga B-boy

19 Jan ’10

Mobile Contract is due for renewal soon….

Its coming up to the time to renew my mobile phone contract. URGH! I hate this whole process! Its always really painful and stressful trying to […]
19 Jan ’10

50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife #19

She sings to herself when she thinks no-one is listening
19 Jan ’10


18 Jan ’10

Boston Post: Haiti Earthquake

WARNING – some of these galleries contains some very graphic images. Earthquake in Haiti Haiti – 48 Hours later Haiti – 6 days later
18 Jan ’10

50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife #18

she tells me that she needs me
17 Jan ’10

50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife #17

she’s vulnerable
16 Jan ’10

Cool thingy of the day

Another great image from www.CreativeMYK.com