27 Aug ’09

I survived 6 hours underground

On Tuesday we had a shoot with Eurotunnel. The day was a long one. It was the fourth day of shooting or a project that has […]
18 Aug ’09

My Parents are moving back to Ireland

On 2nd Sept my parents will be moving back to Ireland! Yup that’s right – its pretty epic! It’s also really great news and amazing for […]
18 Aug ’09

How to create strong passwords

I’m hoping that this post will help people create good strong secure individual passwords for multiple sites. These days we all have various accounts on-line. It […]
17 Aug ’09

I want one of these soo bad

the old one i mean
17 Aug ’09

Sandra’s doppelganger

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17 Aug ’09

Holiday snaps yo

17 Aug ’09

irishmark.net to ruthandmark.net?

I’ve been thinking more on the development of his site and since my last post abut this I was having another thought. You can visit my […]
17 Aug ’09

comfy log

Out with wifey in a park. Is nice Posted via email from irishmark’s posterous
16 Aug ’09

WOW Intense!

This is probably the best film i’ve seen with a message discouraging people from a certain behaviour while driving…. The video was done with local actors […]