2 Jan ’10

When do we wax on and wax off then?

The Karate Kid – A dodgy remake I appreciate we live in an era where every remotely good movie will be remade but in doing so […]
2 Jan ’10

50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife #2

She has really expressive eyes
2 Jan ’10

Cool thingy of the day: Arial Photography

clicky for linky Some really beautiful photos found over at webdesignledger.com
1 Jan ’10

50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife #1

She has an amazing Smile
1 Jan ’10


As it says on the tin!
30 Dec ’09

I want one of these: GoPro HD

img source Tiny Camera – WIDE angle for its size – awsome results in the right hands – my hands! The only criticism is that it […]
25 Dec ’09

Thankful For Jesus

img source – interesting JESUS? Today we remember you. Today is the day we remember your birth and when you started your incredible journey. I really […]
24 Dec ’09

Thankful for My Wife

My Wife One of strongest things about me is my Wife. In fact i would say that she probably stronger than  all my qualities put together. […]
23 Dec ’09

Car jumping insanity