29 Nov ’09

Great Free Appz

Everyone likes a freebie so here’s a list of some great free appz that do various different things. Yay for free! Firefox (see also: Power User’s […]
28 Nov ’09

gotta love lego

27 Nov ’09

I just ordered a new pooter

Thanks to a Christmas bonus I have been able to order a new Macbook Pro – WOOP WOOP The plan had been to buy a regular […]
26 Nov ’09

Sync Google with your Nokia

If you own a Nokia that runs on the S60 platform and you use google then this is for you. Google Sync: Setup Instructions Before you […]
25 Nov ’09

Boston Post: Afganistan Nov 09

Click Picture to go WARNING This gallery contains some particulaurly grusome photos – proceed with caution if you are easily upset. Photos require click to reveal.
25 Nov ’09

Free Wallpapers from National Geographic

clicky piccy
24 Nov ’09

Phone Phail

I am awaiting reciept of my 3rd Nokia N95 8GB. About a month ago i got fed up with the phone locking up on me and […]
24 Nov ’09

Boston Post – National Geographic Contest 09

clicky piccy
23 Nov ’09

Post Templates… not working as i expected…

I’ve managed to tweak this theme to sort of do what i want it to do. If you look at the image below you will see […]